One of my favorite things about SBSettings is the Mobile Substrate Addons feature that allows you to selectively disable a jailbreak tweak temporarily.

But wouldn’t it be cool if we could disable every Mobile Substrate Addon with one fell swoop? Well, now you can. Introducing SwitchSubstrate, a jailbreak app that allows you to disable all of your Mobile Substrate tweaks with the simple tap of a button…

Disabling your Mobile Substrate tweaks allows you to quickly troubleshoot issues with conflicts, and in some cases will make your device run faster if a tweak was previously slowing it down.

It’s nice to use SBSettings to selectively disable certain tweaks and apps, but it’s also handy to be able to take them out all at once — the hallmark feature of SwitchSubstrate.

SwitchSubstrate has yet to appear on Cydia, but according to the developer it should be there in the near future and it will be downloadable free of charge. Until then, check out the video of SwitchSubstrate in action, and let us know what you think about it.

  • Yep thats useful tweak 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Is this any different from just putting your phone into safe mode

    • Yes, no message in the status bar. Otherwise, no. I always use safe mode for serious games.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely needed. MobileSubstrate is the cause of most of the issues I’ve had when using a jailbroken iDevice. This will make it easy to identify which tweaks/apps are really causing the issue.

    • Anonymous

      This wont make things any easier as far as toggling the dylibs to debug via the scientific method, but it is nice to not have to write down and keep track of all current dylibs states before turning off everything.

      • Anonymous

        I meant in terms of is mobile substrate the issue or is it not.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I don’t think it is mobile substrate being the issue, but each .dylib itself.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone else had issues with winterboard on IOS 5? iPhone 4 cdma.

    Can’t seem to get it to run smooth, I have tried everything. It works and runs, and I found “IOS 5” themes… but it just seems glitchy!

    • Yes. I found it terrible and removed it. It’s the first time ever I have a Jailbroken phone without Winterboard installed. The funny thing is, I’m not missing it

  • This isn’t original. A version of this app called SwapMode has been floating around (in .deb form, not on Cydia) for years. It’s broken in iOS 5, though.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, I will check this out. I’ve heard of similar things on an iOS 3.x specific development forum (and dylib profiles, I think), but obviously I am running 4.3.3 to have an untethered iDevice. Funny thing about this whole “floating around debs”, as that is the same case for DylibDisabler (which I described above in my post). I think it is due to the fact that it is looked down upon by Saurik, and the community [devs] follow in tow. Because… being released in cydia would be like having the App Store release a tethering app – which as we all know, isn’t unheard of –

  • Anonymous

    I have been bugging developers left and right for this functionality for over a year now. (This and dylib profiles). None of them were brave enough to develop something that:
    1. Is shunned upon by Saurik (and thus, other jailbreak devs)
    2. Already exists in SBS (mind you in an archaic, half-screened, mis-sorted fation). The closest was EvilPenguin’s(@EvilPenguin_) DylibDisabler (on his github) that didn’t work until Maximus(@0_Maximus_0), modified it, and I played around with the permissions to get it to properly function. (still a UI update issue in it that @0_Maximus_0 has never gotten around to fixing. (I would fix, but I don’t have a Mac to dev on (and compile)).
    DylibDisabler makes things easier, but there were still elements missing:
    1. being this – a kill switch,
    2. Defined profiles. Still hoping for profiles (Ex: disable all dylibs without killing IconSupport, InfiniBoard, and Infinidock so the icon layout is foobared)
    3. Being bugging with the UI (hopefully fixed soon, I need to bother Maximus again :P)

    I personally use dylib toggling as invaluable debugging aids, to tell developers about bugs and conflicts, for further investigation, repro, and logging. But as for this tweak, saurik is going to piss all over it. He believes there should be nothing of the sort, if I recall correctly, and people really get bent out of shape with it. (Surprised it will even be released)

    1. Who is the dev of this?
    2. Does this retain the current state of disabled (.disabled) & enabled (.dylib) dylib files? – it looks like it simply “moves” them to a different directory (from the video)

  • Anonymous

    Jeff, when will this be released! Can you email me the deb file or something?

  • download “SafeLock” does exactly that.