The developer of the popular jailbreak tweak known as Springtomize has given more details about the massive update he has planned. As we exclusively showed you last month, Springtomize 2 brings a whole host of improvements to the incredibly powerful jailbreak tweak.

Filippo Bigarella, the developer, has given more details on the upcoming release, including Cydia availability and cost.

On his personal blog, Filippo has stated that the iOS 5 update to Springtomize will be submitted to Cydia on December 2nd.

Filippo plans to have an introductory price followed by a regular and update price in Cydia. He also does not plan to offer a lite version.

There will be a “launch period” (first 10 days), where Springtomize 2 will be $0.99 for Springtomize for iOS 4 owners and $2.99 for anyone else.  After that period, the normal price will probably be $3.99 and the update price $1.49. Remember that this is a complete rewrite, from scratch, not a simple compatibility update. All the others updates will obviously be free.

Some overall improvements in Springtomize 2 include:

  • performances have been dramatically improved from Springtomize for iOS 4
  • new sections (Time Machine, Notification Center, Advanced management)
  • new options for every section
  • icons hiding
  • on-the-fly settings reloading

Here’s our full video preview of the new Springtomize:

As you can tell, version 2 looks awesome. We’ll make sure to remind you when the tweak is out for everyone at the beginning of next month.

  • So we can do without iconoclasm with this springtomize?

  • hahahahahaha love it! good job jeff

  • Jobran

    hehe, this is an app trailer in HD.. nice work 🙂

  • Very dramatic video Jeff….. Love it. Have you noticed increased battery drain or slowing of your phone with it installed? Any chance of a video of the new IOS5 functions??

  • I’m on iOS 5, waiting for an untethered jailbreak. I’ve bought springtomize on iOS 4. Is there any way I can buy it for the discount without jailbreak?

  • Anonymous

    Why are comments moderated now?

    • They have always been moderated. We want the comments to be helpful and informative, not a place for trolls.

  • You might wanna change the article heading as it says $299 lol….typo typo ALERT!!

  • Thomas Gehman

    Ha I like it! Very cool looking.

  • Anonymous

    Cool trailer jeff but I def would like to see some of those features in action b/c I have no idea what Springtomize pt 1 does let alone pt 2

  • Joshua McClure

    Damn, I gotta pay $0.99? That really blows. Good thing I have Cydia set to let me know when its updated! Really this tweak is gonna be big and a lot of people will buy it so I think he should have let previous owners get it for free since it will be so popular. just my opinion. Im sure he put a lot of work into it so I guess I cant blame him.

  • Anonymous

    From the video, here is what I can tell is new (nothing special at all)…

    iOS5 support, reoganized menus (and now has icons)
    New sections (3 new) – “Springboard Layout”, “miscellaneous”, “Pages”
    Dock (2 new settings): “CoverFlow effect”, “Hide Dock”
    Icons (1 new setting): “Lock moving”
    Status Bar: “Custom time” (section)
    Theming (nothing new)

    + what ever else he stated will be there.
    The first Springtomize was riddled with bugs (and still is), so I hope he has fixed them now (we have to pay for a fix I guess).

    I hope some of my suggestions turn up also (after paying again for the next version of the app)

  • Are apps really “submitted to Cydia”? are they checked out before getting the OK or is it just paid apps that need to be submitted to enter the payment systems? Anyone?

    • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

      If you to send it to a professional repository such as BigBoss or Modmyi, yes. If you want to use a private repo, no

      • Thanks for the reply.

  • Are apps really “submitted to Cydia”? are they checked out before getting the OK or is it just paid apps that need to be submitted to enter the payment systems? Anyone?