Google has put its Gmail app back on the App Store. After an embarrassing fiasco in which the app was made available and then pulled after only a couple of hours, Gmail for iOS has been resubmitted to the App Store for everyone to download.

Does the app still suck? You be the judge…

With the Gmail app, you can:
● Receive notification badges for new messages
● Read your mail with threaded conversations
● Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam
● Keep track of important messages with priority inbox
● Auto-complete contact names as you type
● Send and receive attachments
● Search through all your mail

The original Gmail app was super buggy, and Google has made the following comment about the new release:

If you already have the Gmail app 1.0.1 released on 2 Nov, you will need to uninstall or log out of the old app prior to installing the new app.

More from the Gmail blog:

Two weeks ago, we introduced our Gmail app for iOS. Unfortunately it contained a bug which broke notifications and displayed an error message, so we removed it from the App Store. We’ve fixed the bug and notifications are now working, and the app is back in the App Store.

In the short time the app was public we received a lot of helpful feedback and feature requests. This included requests for everything from bigger features like multiple account support to customizations like improved notifications and mobile specific signatures.

We’re just getting started with the Gmail app for iOS and will be iterating rapidly to bring you more features, including all the ones listed above plus many more. Based on your comments we have already improved our handling of image HTML messages – they are now sized to fit to the screen and you can pinch to zoom in.

Let us know if your opinions of Gmail for iOS have changed in the comments below.

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  • I don’t care if it comes with a free $100 Adsense voucher, i’m not downloading, not installing and not using. Jog on Google.

    • Kiel Wallace

      Way to bury your head in the sand!

      No matter what Google improves I’ll never use it. Even if it’s an excellent app. That’ll learn ’em…

      …wait what?

  • Anonymous

    still not showing new mails in notification centre, i get a couple of beeps and the icon badge shows the number of new mails but nothing on the lock screen or pull down notification centre.

    • Check your notification center settings. You may have something turned off for the app.

    • Jobran

      you are right, if u go to notification and check gmail app, there is no way to choose the alert style, no baners no regular alerts, just sounds and badges..
      looks like another bug..
      stupid app

  • Why would I want to use this over the native iOS mail client when it’s sync’ing over Exchange?

  • It would have been nice if Gmail was baked into the native iOS email app. The thing that’s gonna suck is that its a separate app. Haven’t tried it out yet. I will download it and check it out when I get home. Reception sucks at work 🙁

  • Jobran

    still slow and sluggish..

  • Would love to try it out…thing is I forgot my little use gmail user account and password …plus it’s google…go and stick it on a Andriod …

  • What’s the point? Gmail has activesync and it gives you native email/ cal/ contacts with iPhone. This give you crappy email.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting to use this as an alternative to synced Gmail/Contacts/Calendar using Exchange, as anyone that has an iOS device and usess Gmail should know how to configure that as the best possible setup. However the Gmail app is handy if you use labels, or want to manage threaded conversations better.

    I’ve turned off the notifications (they still dont work properly anyway! – only a noise. No banners available and they dont show up in notification centre) and will just use the app when I need to access some of the more advanced Gmail functionality.

    It’s also good to read that Google arent anywhere near finished with the app (just like everything else they do, they love releasing beta software!) and it souunds like there are a lot of good features on the way.

    Unbelievable that they still can’t get notifications right though! I personally don’t need them as I have the native Exchange mail app notifications, but for people that use IMAP they must be pretty pissed off that Gmail still isn’t integrated into notification centre!

  • Anonymous

    Another thing I forgot to add, there is one thing I indirectly love about this app. The fact that with a free native Gmail app now available in the App Store, we will hopefully see all the shoddy paid “wannabe Gmail” apps that simply open Gmail’s web app in an ugly window (then try to burn people woth in-app purchases for features like push mail). They are all terriblly desgined and a total rip off, so it would be great if this app (which is better than all of them) kicks them out

  • Benjamin MacKay

    still no delete all function!!!!!

    • exactly, which makes it even worse together with the notifications…

      I stick with Simon “will just use the app when I need to access some of the more advanced Gmail functionality.”

  • Wael Abdo

    looks very bad compared to, should be better. downloaded it but not looking like using it!!!
    edit: even push notifications dnt seem to work like they should.