SuperScroller is a jailbreak tweak from Ryan Petrich that allows you to scroll up or down using an assigned Activator action.

Many viewers are questioning the tweak’s usefulness on our YouTube channel, but I could certainly see someone using SuperScroller as their preferred method of page navigation; for instance, when reading.

Check out the video walkthrough inside, and judge for yourselves…

The tweak is currently in beta, but you can test it out by adding Petrich’s repo to your list of Cydia sources.

Add the following repo to your list of sources in Cydia: and you’ll gain access to the beta version of SuperScroller, among many other tweaks.

What’s your consensus on SuperScroller?

  • It is truly easier to scroll up and down using the default method…

  • off topic : TinyUmbrella get update today( so you can at least save 5.0.1 SHSH).

  • idk i could see it being useful if i map one of the volume buttons for when i only have one hand for the phone o.O def gonna check it out

  • Anonymous

    Ryan has made some really cool tweaks, but this one does seem a bit pointless.

    • Anonymous

      Agree 100%. This tweak is not a bit but TOTALLY pointless.

  • Dan

    i’ll agree, tried it out and it’s pretty pointless.

  • Not for me… Other setting sitting with Status Bar!

  • I’m speechless Jeff! I remember the post you made about a tweak that might be pointless to someone and be gold to someone else. Well this tweak here does not fall into any of those categories. This is by far the most pointless tweaks I have ever seen. I’m going to email Ryan P. and give him a pice of my mind. (Shaking my head in disbelief)

  • Some people might like this if they want to use the volume buttons to scroll, but yes pretty pointless to me. Also the new Activator he has as beta doesn’t play nice with IntelliScreenX and NotificationCenter for that matter, at least it didn’t for me.

  • Pointless, maybe, in general use..
    but I reckon someone could get some use out of it with ‘VoiceOver’ on – I’m just not adapting well to three finger scrolling (or perhaps I just dont have it down pat), but either way i’m sure it will make that mode a little more usable