Despite the 17.3 million units pushed in the third quarter this year, Apple’s iOS platform has actually lost market share to Google’s Android, according to Gartner. The iOS platform made up 15% of the market, which is a 1.6% loss from last year’s third quarter. This loss comes contrasts with the huge growth that Android has seen this last quarter, with the little green robot doubling its shares since last year and making up over 50% of all smartphones sold in the three-month period.

Although Apple held its ground with a significant year over year increase in sales, it’s very evident that the Android platform is expanding quickly. Nokia’s Symbian platform has taken a hard loss this quarter, bringing in less than half of what it did last year. RIM, also saw a 4% decrease, going from 15.4% market share to only 11% this year.

So, what does that mean for our beloved iPhone?

Research analyst Roberta Cozza said some consumers, “were waiting for a rumored new iPhone and associated price cuts on older iPhone models; this affected U.S. sales particularly”.

He reports:

Gartner believes Apple will bounce back in the fourth quarter because of its strongest ever preorders for the iPhone 4S in the first weekend after its announcement. Markets such as Brazil, Mexico, Russia and China are becoming more important to Apple, representing 16 percent of overall sales and showing that the iPhone has a place in emerging markets.

However, market share is only part of the story, as a study from earlier this month revealed that, although Apple only has a 4% share of the total mobile phone market, the iPhone takes in 52% of total profits. Cozza explained that Apple expects all phones to eventually become smartphones, giving the company a great opportunity to bank on the iPhone’s popularity and iconic status.

  • Jon Garrett

    This comes as no surprise. Apple will continue to loose in market share unless they rethink their way of doing things.

    For example, this nonsense about “fragmentation” Apple is already fragmented, not as much as Android but fragmented nonetheless.

    Its total garbage this nonsense about Apple not wanting to change the size of their displays because devs would have to do this and devs would have to do that…..well, the devs had no problems converting iPhone/iPod sized apps to the iPad and I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to do the same for a display in between.

    Apple has NO CHOICE but to make a larger screen for future iPhones, 3.5″ is so tiny and is almost silly to look at after about 2 weeks with my Galaxy S II’s 4.3″ super amoled plus display. add to this the upcoming Android phones with 720p displays.

    Apple also has NO CHOICE but to make a 7″ tablet. in fact, a 7″ tablet from Apple would outsell their 9.7″ iPad (if its 16:9 aspect ratio)….easily.

    • Antonio Castro

      who gives a shit? the true is apple will do what they do best, give me a product i love and want…if they do make a bigger iPhone and smaller iPad, great, but they are currently transitioning. as mentioned before in other news, apple will update their product lines next year, that means new designs and new hardware. IF they are so wrong why would people want them so bad??? true is apple is a brand people want cause is cool, sure your samsung looks great, has a huge screen and a lot more tech…but do you look hot and cool in it?

      putting lipstick on a pig…..

      • Jon Garrett

        who gives a shit? well you…..and other fan boys. you people talk about how much cash apple has (and that’s a real who gives a shit topic) and that doesn’t benefit you in any way shape or form.

        apple will most likely update their product lines next year and not too many people would dispute that. but why do you think that new designs and new hardware will NOT include larger screen phones and a smaller iPad?

        supposedly some executive at LG (who makes the displays for iDevices) has said that apple has placed an order for 4″ iPhone screens and 7″ iPad screens.

        these companies who make parts for iDevices would know what apple is planning to produced based on the orders they’ve placed.

        take the next chip for example, a beauty designed and built by Samsung. why is apple suddenly abandoning their own chip in favor of Samsung’s?

  • Anonymous

    How, just HOW did I know Jon Garrett would be here?

    • Jon Garrett

      cause you’re stalking me.., lol. how have you been by the way?

  • Antonio Castro

    with cheap crap from hundreds of company sure…apple was never about market share, but about quality and revenue…apple still make more money than the leader (samsung). Next year when they revamp their designs we will see a new wave of market share take a hit…android

  • Please stop comparing single iPhone with dozens of non sense andriod phones 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I totally understand your love for iDevices. I in fact, personally own two, iPad 2 & iPhone 4(my wife is using this as her MP3 player),. But the fact/truth remains the same that It just comes down to personal choice. I do not declare myself on any fan side but I will admit that ever since last 7-8 months I have not used my iDevices as much as I am using my G2x and A500. I wanted my daily gadgets/devices to act more like a PC since carrying laptops is so 90s. And by using my A500 (please see my reasons to buy below), I honestly don’t remember the last time I actually needed to use my laptop. Don’t get me wrong, I love the iPad just as much, but ONLY when I want to play the vast era of awesome games it has to offer (I’m not big on Skype and other apps). So you see that, I believe that every device is made specifically for a certain someone.


      iPad2: IOS smoothness, polished look, Games. Perfect kid toy.

      Acer A500: Android OS, MicroSD Card slot, Micro USB slot, HDMI slot, Regular USB slot, DLNA.

  • Um, actually, your headline and article is completely wrong and misleading. iOS is not losing any market share to Android. iOS is an entire ecosystem that comprises the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod touch. The entire ecosystem has way more marketshare than the Android ecosystem. The article that you are referencing is simply referring to the iPhone’s slice-of-the-pie, which again is an unfair comparison. You can compare iPhone to “the entire platform of Android as a whole”. You either need to compare iPhone to another phone, or you need to compare all of iOS to all of Android.

    • Painman

      The original article from Gartner quite clearly states, in the title of each of the tables, that this is for smartphone sales. Therefore, This is not the entire ecosystem of Android versus the iPhone, this is all the Android smartphone’s versus the iPhone.

      Perhaps still not a fair fight, but it does legitimise the headline of this article.