A few days ago a $9.99 jailbreak app surfaced in the App Store. The app was clearly a fake, and we quickly told you that the app had nothing to do with jailbreaking anything — it was a crappy, 2D scrolling game.

Apple has now pulled the app from the App Store, so people will be unable to get duped by the app’s false description. The real question is this: How did Apple let an app called “Jailbreak” in the App Store in the first place?

As pointed out by MuscleNerd, if you visit the App Store link for the fake app you’ll get the message that “the item you requested is currently unavailable.” It’s honestly surprising that the app lasted as long as it did (about 4 days) in the App Store with such a name.

Apple has always had a firm stance against jailbreaking because it sees jailbreak exploits as security problems (which they are), and it doesn’t want its ‘walled garden’ ecosystem to become contaminated with unapproved code.

This fake app claimed to jailbreak all kinds of iOS firmwares, which makes no sense if you know anything at all about how jailbreaking normally works. Not only that, but the $9.99 price tag should have been a huge indicator that it was a huge scam. (We’ve already told you to never, ever pay for a jailbreak.)

The fact that such an app made it past Apple’s review team is a mystery.

  • Alex. it’s wrong of you to refer it as a “$9.99 jailbreak app” It is simply a $9.99 game called Jailbreak. If you search you can find other apps available also called Jailbreak. I agree it’s very wrong the developer chose to use such clever social engineering skills similar to “phishing” to attract business, but on the other hand fair play to him for his marketing skills. I am developing a game where convicts try to escape from high security prisons, can I call it Jailbreak?

    • Anonymous

      There’s already an app/game which is exactly about THAT and with THAT same name, mate. So no.

    • He wasn’t marketing it as a game. It says in the description that it will jailbreak all iOS devices. He knew what people thought it was going to be and made some easy bucks off of a spam job application.

      • Actually says “Jailbreak (name of app) for all iPhones etc”. Of course he knew what he was doing, it’s very clever preying on the uneducated and desperate but you can’t call it fake and you can’t call it spam.

      • Anonymous

        The F*** you cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So say this was on your PC/MAC, and the description said whatever this app said. Thousands of people downloading something that that was “FALSELY” described. Im pretty sure when someone downloads something that is extremely “over” misleading, it is something I would consider “FAKE”. However I get your point, I really do. But this was specifically intended to trick people. Only if the developer had no idea what it would make people think, would it not be considered fake. But c’mon!!!!!!!!!!! What iOS app developer does not know what a jailbreak is, and such a description of such an app would make People( people that are not as iOS savey) believe it was something else that it is not. This is considered fake. Anyone else agree with me here?

  • Anonymous

    Very clever!

  • In my opinion the description is clear and is not telling it is an app that jailbreaks phones . Its saying : Jailbreak for all phones ( game jailbreak for all phones)
    lets do it right now ( play right now) game works an all iOS platforms and iDevices !!!

    Sorry to say that but that guy was clever and it’s normal APPLE let the application past.
    If i was an impostor i would have ben Jealous…

  • I wonder if refunds will be given.

  • Anonymous

    It has nothing to do with the name, there is already an app called Jailbreak (& Jailbreak 2) which is a game that’s basically about, well, a JAIL-BREAK. The mystery is WHY THEY PULLED IT FROM THE APPSTORE. Maybe because there was already an app with that name.

  • Kok Hean

    They did change the game description. There were no reviews though (in this country).

  • Dan

    pretty funny stuff, they knew what people were looking for and played on that.


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