Fake Jailbreak App Surfaces in the App Store

Ever since jailbreaking began with the original iPhone, Apple has opposed it. Even with all the community has done for iOS, the Cupertino company has continued to fight the process by frequently updating its mobile software with exploit patches.

Given this information, it would seem impossible for anyone to believe that Apple would actually allow a jailbreak utility into its App Store. But apparently it’s not. Several folks seem to have fallen for the hoax, and their pockets are lighter because of it…

Blogsdna points to the fake app, aptly named Jailbreak, which was admitted into the App Store on October 25th. And even though it doesn’t have anything to do with jailbreaking, it certainly looks like it does. Check out its description:

Jailbreak costs $9.99, and according to some of the upset commenters, is nothing more than a low-rate 2D scrolling game. Oddly, its App Store reviews are a combination of users saying the app worked as advertised, and others demanding their money back.

At first glance, you might be wondering how Apple could approve an app like this. But the developer never claims that it will install Cydia. In fact, other than the word Jailbreak, there isn’t anything remotely related to hacking in the game’s description. Clever.

Is the app misleading? Yes. But what is Apple going to do? Force the developer to give out refunds because the software doesn’t actually jailbreak anything? We doubt it. So just steer clear of the application and warn your friends to do the same.

Besides, it’s like we’ve told you before. You should never, ever pay money for a jailbreak. Especially when iDB practically does it for you for free.