There’s been a lot of speculation lately that Apple’s new digital assistant, Siri, might be on its way to other devices. And given the evidence we’ve seen that Siri works fine on the iPhone 4, and that Apple’s been testing it on the old handset, it’s a fairly reasonable assumption.

But just as there are reasons why Apple could port Siri to older devices, there are several why it won’t. We initially thought that this was fairly obvious, but since 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman felt the need to clear the air, we figured we should do the same for our readers…

Rumors of Apple’s plans to bring Siri to the iPhone 4 got out of control this weekend when AppAdvice published a post regarding Siri references found in the device’s internal build. They also cited an Apple insider that claimed they had been testing Siri on the handset.

So why won’t Apple be bringing Siri to the iPhone 4? For starters, as Gurman points out, Apple is in the business of selling hardware. And the digital assistant is arguably the number one reason people are purchasing the iPhone 4S. Why make it available on other models?

But it goes beyond that. Siri is still operating under the Beta monicker, meaning Apple doesn’t feel that it’s ready for primetime. We saw evidence of this over the weekend with massive outages. If it can’t handle the traffic of iPhone 4S users, why would it add millions more?

Apple paid over $200 million dollars for the Siri team for one reason — to sell products. What would it have to gain by offering it in a free update to iPhone 4 users? If anything, it would be one less reason for people to pick the $199 iPhone 4S over its $99 predecessor.

And that doesn’t sound like good business.

  • jose castro

    well i cant wait till siri port comes out when they figure out the legality of it

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    After All.. it is the iPhone 4Siri (special edition with siri as the special feature).
    Also, just like they made us iPod Touch users pay for 3.0, why can’t they make iPhone 4 users pay for a special 5.0 with Siri?

    • jose castro

      they could if they wanted to0.

    • Anonymous

      IPhone users pay for the iOS updates in the contract.

      • Dylan Knox

        No actually we don’t. At least not Verizon iPhone users.

  • Anonymous

    Apple’s also in the business of selling software… Who says it has to be a free upgrade to existing iPhone 4 users? I’d pay a reasonable price to purchase the ability to use Siri on my iPhone 4.

    • totally agree with you! But at this point, I think it comes down to load/capacity problems. I wouldn’t be surprised if they allow this in the future, but Siri’s barely been able to cope with load with just the 4S’s using it.

  • Like the post says its a feature of the i4s ,
    End of storey ..

  • Anonymous

    Apple spends millions on research on every single OS not only on Siri, you guys are forgetting that if Apple was in the “Only the new hardware gets the new software business” only the iPhone 4S would’ve gotten iOS 5.. which is overall WAY MORE IMPORTANT than just Siri. Yet even the 3GS got iOS 5. Which cancels your opinion of a selling point.

    Siri wasn’t released to all iOS 5 compatible devices because it would’ve crashed the servers for maybe even weeks, now THAT would’ve hurt apple and the media would’ve destroyed apple.

    I can’t wait for the keynote when they say, and that Siri feature you have learned to love on the 4S now is available on ALL iOS 5 compatible devices or at least the iPhone 4 and iPads, and people will go nuts and they will cheer apple a lot.

    For so many websites that talk about apple every day surely hardly any has learned anything on how Apple does business.

    • donato bearint

      Your missing the point. Apple is trying to sell the 4s. It’s main selling point is siri. It hasn’t come out on their devices and will not come out on other devices. Read the article is plainly deserves why. You will never see Siri on the old iPhone 4. If anyone wants Siri that bad don’t be cheap and upgrade.

      • Anonymous

        Obviously everyone has their own opinion, but i didn’t miss the point.. you on the other hand missed the whole point of my post..
        My post was about why i don’t agree with the article, based on apple’s history on how they do business.

        Again, apple has not been greedy when it comes to software towards their hardware, not for many years as far as i know, obviously there’s only two options, it will either not come or it will, i strongly believe that it will but not until Siri is out of beta and not earlier than sometime next year, maybe in iOS 6.

        Read my first post again slowly and see if you can understand why i don’t agree.

  • Well, they could sell it for a dollar or something. Just like Face Time for Macs. If you have Lion, Facetime comes with it, if you don’t have Lion, Factime is $.99 on the app store. Once the legal issues are sorted out, and the jailbreak community can finally port Siri to iPhone 4, apple will reconsider their options, and port it out. Personally, I don’t want a 4S just for siri, I do want the higher MP camera, faster processor. I’m waiting to see when the iPhone 5 might be coming. I don’t have an upgrade till april, and i’m not gonna spend 400 for an early upgrade, just to have 3MP more a faster processor, and Siri. If the rumors are true about the look of the iPhone 5, i rather take the 4s. I like the stle that the 4 and 4S have, I don’t know if I will like the whole “Tear-Drop” shape rumor that’s spreading.

  • Won’t bring or might not bring?

  • jose castro

    you guys here about this site called siriport.EDITED? MOST LIKELY FAKE but they say at midnight EST, they are releasing siri out to the public.

    • Yes we heard about it and I suggest you do not believe anything coming from this site. It’s all fake.

      • jose castro

        lol i no just was funny

  • Anonymous

    The second reason is the reason why I think they will bring Siri to the iPhone 4. Right now it’s beta, so they want to limit the number of users to the new devices. But when they are ready for scale, I think they will want to also include iPhone 4 users – don’t forget they are still selling the iPhone 4 as well, and even the 3Gs! There’s still enough other improvements that people would generally buy an iPhone 4s over an iPhone 4, so I don’t really think it would hurt sales.

  • Anonymous

    because we don’t need it

  • Markus Rafael Lombard

    Where do you get an iPhone 4s, for $199.00?