Here’s an iOS 5 tip that we at iDB already knew about, but many seem to have not noticed. iDB reader Brian emailed us and thought it would be a good thing to remind everyone, which I am doing now.

iOS 5 has introduced a plethora of new features that make it even easier to manage data on your device. One of this new features allows you to delete songs directly from your Music app…

If you go to the Music app (previously known as the iPod app), and swipe your finger across a song, you will have the option to delete that song. Simply tap “Delete” and the song will be gone from your music library.

Of course, this does not delete the song on iTunes, and you’ll still be able to get this song back on your iDevice by syncing with iTunes.

This tip is particularly helpful if you need to make room on your device quickly without access to a computer.

  • When you delete a song , does it uncheck it from your itunes or something so it wont go back on your phone later or what ?

    • Did you read the whole post? Because I think it’s pretty clearly explained in there.

      • Anonymous

        actually you didn’t, you said that it won’t be erased from iTunes and you will “still be able” to get thru a sync.

        He’s asking that if when he syncs his phone again will the song be added automatically or will it uncheck itself from syncing with your iDevice like it happens when you erase an app.

        @The Dip I just tried it on my iPhone 4S and unless i didn’t give it enough time for the cloud or something, it re-installed it, so no it didn’t uncheck it on iTunes, kinda sucks, maybe there is an option I’m missing.

      • My bad. I hadn’t understood what he was asking.

        Yes, it brings the song back when you do a sync, unless of course you uncheck it in iTunes before syncing.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the tip.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a jb tweak to do this on ios4?

    • Not that I know of, but there might be something out there

      • Anonymous

        Ok thanks

  • Emil Culic

    yet another feature that should have been implemented from day 1 of the original iPhone!!!! like text editing, copy/paste, video camera. Apple loves to make a big deal out of new things they add to their iDevices even though they are such simple things to implement and have been around for ages on other devices

    • Anonymous

      nobody made a big deal out of it, the only person making a big deal is you.

      And if you dislike apple so much what are you doing in this site? I don’t get this mentality..

  • Anonymous

    Lol, “plethora”. Reminded me of Ross Geller, not sure why though 😛

  • Anonymous

    This is new if you have previously had your iPhone’s music syncing with your iTunes library, but if you had it set to ‘Manage music manually’ it was already possible to do this.

  • G

    Hmmmm, but what I would like to know here is …

    Is it possible to have iTunes auto ‘untick’ these tracks to save me having to remember which ones I deleted?
    By the time I re-sync (although i do have WiFi sync on) on my laptop I cant actually remember which tracks I deleted so I have no chance of unticking them myself?

  • TIP!!!! I just tried this feature with the VIDEO App also!!! Works the same way as with a song in the MUSIC App.

    This is Awesome, cause I load up videos for watching at the GYM while working out – I always thought it would be best to be able to delete the file right after watching instead of waiting for access to my computer.

    Also, like Sebastian said in his original post – this is VERY handy if you need extra space ASAP (like when you are out shooting pics or videos and need HD space!!!

    – Eric

  • nice tips thanks

  • That has been a feature since ios4. not new to ios5

  • ipod 1

    guess again bro