For years pundits and analysts wondered if Apple could survive without its visionary CEO Steve Jobs. And with the Apple founder’s resignation earlier this year, and then tragic passing, it looks like they are going to get their answer.

But Apple’s future doesn’t look too gloomy. A majority of its key players are still with the company. And it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon, as several of them were just given millions of reasons to stick around…

Noting a recent filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, MacRumors is reporting that Apple has awarded several of its executives major bonuses. The extra money comes in the form of company stock, and ranges between 100,000 and 150,000 shares.

Given that Apple is currently trading around $400 per share, the bonuses are equivalent to at least $40 million dollars. But the shares won’t be tradable for another 5 years, meaning those who received the bonuses must stick around a while to collect.

Not only does this entice executives to stick around, it also encourages them to perform at a high level. Since the company’s stock price depends on its performance, the value of their bonuses could drop dramatically if they don’t continue to succeed.

Among the executives that received the extra shares is Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller, Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer, and Senior Vice President of iOS Scott Forstall. Interestingly enough, Johnny Ive was not mentioned in the SEC filing.

Apple has been on a bit of a hot streak over the last decade. And with a majority of the people responsible for that success still with the company (for at least another 5 years), it doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon.

  • Gdghgfgjy Ggjffv

    What if they die?

    • then they wont get the money :p

  • Love this article!

  • Anonymous

    Even if they do close down and sink. Someone else will rise up to take their place. Imagine, were we all dying before apple came along, I think we were all more than happy with the Moto V3 RAZR when it was released. Now that we’ve experienced the iPhone, we think that nothing better will ever come along. When we had blackberries, we thought the same thing, same with the super Nintendo, so don’t lose hope, consumers are fine forever!

    • I kind of agree with you it sort of has reached a climax that everyone is waiting to see the next great thing I do remember life before apple…

      • Anonymous

        I honestly miss the pre apple days, not because of the inferior tech but because people didn’t get so worked up in Android vs iPhone arguments in every single article.

        Oh and VHS! The nostalgia!

      • $%^& Android, don’t even…

        (just playing lol) It’s about what (and sometimes whom) you allow yourself to be worked up by. Android vs. iOS (I feel silly even typing that out) is just another Microsoft vs. Apple, Windows vs. Mac OS X, etc., etc. As if it hadn’t started already, but next year, ThunderBolt vs. USB 3.0 should be in full bloom. :-/