We’ve been hearing about the infamous iControlPad for nearly three years now. We first reported on the accessory back in 2008, when it was still in early stages of production. Then we didn’t hear a peep about the product until the Summer of this year.

The iControlPad was soft-launched back in July, but it still had some major hurdles to overcome. The inventors didn’t have any major distribution partners, and third party compatibility was non-existent. But that has all changed with ThinkGeek’s support…

Now that the iControlPad is ThinkGeek-backed, customers can purchase the gaming accessory through the site’s illustrious online store. The ThinkGeek boutique carries everything from Star Wars memorabilia to “canned unicorn meat.”

The site also happens to be the driving force behind the iCade, another iOS gaming device. This works in the iControlPad’s favor, because ThinkGeek has made it compatible with iCade’s SDK. Now any game that’s iCade-compatible, it’s iControlPad-compatible, too.

As Cult of Mac points out, the major downfall of this accessory is its price. At $75, it might not appeal to everyone. But the iControlPad is cool nonetheless — imagine playing a first-person shooter on the big screen using this accessory and AirPlay mirroring.

At $75, is this a deal, or no deal?

  • I really thought this accessory would never come to life. Glad to see they were persistent and made it happen!

  • Yeah, I have to admit that I am not nearly as excited about this as the many previous times I’ve heard about it, glad they did finally get it out there, but feels very late to the party.

  • 75$ not deal! Maybe a cheap china version,,

  • Haha. $75, really?

  • I would have to try it before I would spend even $50 on an accessory. $75 does seem a bit steep. Hopefully it all goes well because it is definitely something that makes iOS gaming at a serious disadvantage compared to other systems.

  • Dan

    75$?? way too steep for my taste. I’ll keep playing my roms on my Wii

  • When will it be available in the UK?

  • i get that it’s not some grand company making these, but 75 dollars is pretty steep… actually, really steep.