Steve Jobs was interviewed by the Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation in 1995, two years before his return to save Apple from bankruptcy.

CIO has published the 75-minute unabridged interview with Jobs. In the video, Jobs discusses his outlook on technology and Apple during a pivotal time in history. All of the products we know and love today—like the iPhone, iPod, and iPad—had not been created at the time, but Jobs was surely conceptualizing the future he would shape in the years to come.

You can watch the interview in its entirety here or in smaller segments here.

Here’s a sample from YouTube:

A transcript of the interview is also available.

As you can tell, Jobs was always a visionary with a profound and optimistic outlook on the technology that he was so passionate about. Read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson for a comprehensive and detailed look at the man behind the core of Apple’s success.



    Love u jobs. Lets us to continue your dream, shaping the world.

  • Portkaw

    Steve Jobs died, leave him rest in pease,you guys, post a lot of steve jobs, a lot, now, leave him on peace. Steve jobs was a good person, now, he is dead, stop posting things like this and leave him on peace.

    • no

      I think steve would be happy to see his name still ringing around.

  • Just Me!

    How the heck does someone so rich age so much in 16 years. Man he looked young and healthy then. In the past years he looked like crap. So damn old.

  • Jaime Monraz

    amm Cancer maybe?

  • Michael

    Wow what great insight!

  • mo

    In the last 2 seconds of this video I heard the sound of a new incoming email that you hear on iphones… please tell me I wasn’t the only one….?

  • Good video, and wow, he looks quite young.