Apple’s iPad is beginning to take over from computers as the key electronic learning device in schools, according to a new survey by Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster.

The survey of 25 schools and their technology directors found that all of them were making use of Apple’s iPad while, just as interestingly, none of them were using an Android-powered tablet.

In fact, iPads are becoming so popular that many technology directors believe that there will soon be more iPads per student than computers…

With the wide belief that the enterprise mirrors education, the news that iPads are beginning to win over the classroom is also good news for Apple in the business sector.

Apple has been pushing the iPad as a learning tool of late, and have even been airing ads that drive the point home. It certainly makes sense. Which would you most likely pay attention to: a boring text book, or a shiny new iPad?

It is also clear that Android tablets have some ground to make up. The release of the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, could help to give Google’s mobile OS a leg up, but they will need to start making headway sooner rather than later.

The Piper Jaffray survey also notes that iPads are seemingly being used to supplement full-blown computers, rather than replace them.

So long as those computers are Macs, we don’t think Apple will really care!

  • La Cucaracha

    Android is just for Apple haters and wannabe iPhones. I like Android, but I wouldn’t prefer it before iOS.

    • John doe

      Your a moron.

  • That is the funniest thing I have heard!!! You do realize that for $600 bucks, you can buy a really powerful computer, instead of a weak iPad.

    • Schools (or anyone) don’t necessarily need “powerful computers”. They need something simple, fast, and that allows easy interactivity. That’s why I love my iPad, which by the way has way enough power for what I do with it.

  • Or might as well buy computers that are as powerful as the iPad which would only cost around $200 or even less.

  • vgk

    Yeah but how will iPads help Kids learn how to use Photoshop or develop software?

    I think iPads can only supplement computers because of their portability.

  • Would seem like a tough sell in a shit economy. I never had access to a computer inside a classroom other than a computer class, art class, or library. I don’t see the selling point on iPads in “schools”, unless their replacing a textbook. Would seem like a hazard for irresponsible kids to posses somethings as breakable as this. You can always equip a kid with a textbook for inschool and outschool use, don’t see that happening with an iPad. What’s really wrong with the textbook though? Aside from it being made of paper or that most kids don’t even use them in the first place outside of school(homework). Or is it to fight illiteracy(OCR-TTS)?

    Really, what’s the point of this? Aside from it having better accessibilities(that’s if the state could afford the costs in the first place).

    I think this is stupid to be honest. Someone convert me to a “iPad/tablet in a classroom believer”.

  • Hector Caudillo

    There was once a day when only the teacher had the text book and he/she would teach with that.

    Then they decided to give a book to each student.

    Then they came up with the great innovation known as the CHALKBOARD.

    Then they got slide projectors and later over head projectors

    Then it really got crazy and they made te cleaner, shinier, sleeker WHITEBOARD along with the introduction of the computer projector.

    Computers had to come in the picture to hook up to the projectors and many thought it was too expensive and schools wouldn’t manage to adapt to computers…but they did.

    More recently schools began using the revolutionary SMARTBOARD. Using the projector computer and touch sensitivity this new board was introduced.

    Now we play the game again with the iPad. First let me say that the school district in my area just started using the iPod touch for students and iPads for teachers. And it works. You see today’s kids are growing in technology. They will take more care of a cell phone than a book. They are able to visualize things better by using these technologies.

    Will it replace the computer as a whole? Not anytime soon. As for now the iPad or any tablet really isn’t capable to work and function like a computer. Not Yet. In the next 10-20 years? I do believe it. They can be all the text books, word processor, interactive board, email, notebooks, and who knows what else.