As the developer edition of the iTunes 10.5.1 beta expires, everyone is wondering the same thing: where is iTunes Match? Apple’s projected “end of October” launch date for the music mirroring service has come and gone.

Apple has been catching a lot of heat lately, and rightly so. Between the countless bugs in iOS 5, and its ongoing battery problems, Apple has been rather sloppy in recent weeks. Now, about iTunes Match…

Even though it’s running late, MacRumors is reporting that Apple is getting very close to releasing its cloud-based music service:

“Sources have indicated that Apple is close to a launch of iTunes Match, with retail store staff having been briefed on the service in preparation for its debut. But with the calendar now having turned to November Apple has missed its public launch target for iTunes Match.”

Apple hasn’t made any comments about the delay, leaving many wondering what the holdup could be. The company has been known to obsess over product details, but you don’t ever want to miss a launch date. It’s embarrassing.

  • Chazz

    welcome to the post-steve era

    • Selcuk


      • lol never thought about it. :O. I was thinking that the bigger they get the sloppier but…. OOOMMMGGGG STEVE IS GONE! no more angry boss to hate :O

      • Lippy1970

        Not True… I’ve heard sources say that Scott Forstall is in the same realm of Steve Jobs’ demanding ways.

    • Buck

      And they’re getting the whole week of thanksgiving off. Don’t expect anymore on time launches from Apple. If you did it’ll probably be buggy with patches coming later

  • Bill

    Hmm. Maybe the record companies changed their minds to the “streaming” service.

  • Legend, that is all.

  • John

    I think the people at Apple have had a little more than iTunes Match on their mind in the past few weeks. I think we should cut them some slack in this situation.

  • Max

    I hope this is not things to come! :-/

  • Steve

    We miss Mr. Jobs!