If anyone doubted whether Samsung really meant business in its pursuit of total smartphone marketshare ownership, this one little tidbit to come of the company’s earnings call might just help to put the record straight.

During a call to discuss Samsung’s most recent financial results, the company’s spokesman, Robert Yi, said that Samsung was working on a flexible display for its upcoming smartphones and tablets.

Surely all this is pie-in-the-sky stuff for Samsung, right? Wrong. Samsung hopes to introduce flexible displays to its smartphone lineup in as early as 2012

Yep. You read that right.

“The flexible display, we are looking to introduce sometime in 2012, hopefully the earlier part,” said spokesman Robert Yi during an earnings call. “The application probably will start from the handset side.”

Yi said tablets and other mobile devices with flexible displays would follow.”

Samsung has already shown flexible screen technology in the past, with the OLED display held inside rigid cases that kept them curved.

With Samsung pushing the envelope so far and so fast, what does Apple have to do to keep up? If, come new iPhone time in 2012, Samsung is shipping Galaxy handsets with one of their new flexible screens attached, what will Apple have to offer by way of competition?

Apple is widely expected to bring the iPhone 5 to market next year after releasing an incremental update this time around with the iPhone 4S. Whatever changes the company has up its sleeve for next year may have to be very impressive, especially if Samsung continues to innovate as quickly as it is right now.

Of course, Samsung saying it “hopes” to do something, and then actually doing it, are two very different things.

  • Ray

    It’s going to be like one of those snap on bracelets from back in the late 80’s

    • Fanboys

      If it was Apple who were doing this you’d all be kissing arse and making out it was amazing.

      • Hersson Ochoa

        True that….

      • Xepptizz

        There is a truth in this, but that’s cause apple has a way of showin us what we didn’t know we needed. And it will always remain debatable if we do actually need it. Thus far I have not read or heard samsung telling me why I would need a flexable screen, no comoelling arguments, because it’s not out yet, but that wasn’t the point.

      • They’d do it right though 😉

  • Xepptizz

    I see this being usefull for tablets, they are easier to damage and a flexing tablet would resolve that. It would also increase it’s storage possibilities.
    Personally I think it will be hardwarewise at the forefront of the industry, but it will be let down by the software and unresolved issues like (flexible?!) batteries. A flexing screen is just one part of the phone and some corners are definitly going to be cut to get the product mainstream. As for the whole apple vs samsung innovation thing.
    Androidpeople consinder Siri, the personal assistent, a gimmick, which they are already trying to emulate with iris.
    And samsung now wants to bring out a phone with a flexible screen….it is a posterboy for gimmicks and has zero functionality for the phone. But I doubt samsung will push this through, too many complications.

  • Xepptizz

    If this thing is going to launch, it will be like the xbox 360. first year will be pestered with hardware issues.
    Thinking about it now, the most awesome use with this tech would be turning the phone into a visor and use the accelerometers to have real 360 view in games or such. Virtuel reality made mainstream via our need to have a phone.

  • DebTym

    Apple’s next device will be capable of Hologram..alongside with Siri’s voice technology.haha.^^

    • ic0n1c

      LMAO!!!! +10

  • inliferound

    Are we calling the next iPhone the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6..?

    • Why 6? I’m betting it’s neither. If its innovative, a name like “3G” will do.

    • kokhean

      People need to stop saying this. It’s getting annoying.

  • anon

    Google – samsung flexible amoled – they have working demos on youtube. This is big.

  • anon
  • TT

    Sorry, but I just don’t see how earth shattering this is. I could care less if I could bend my phone. The only thing useful out of this to me is the durability.

    • anon

      What if the screen does u-fold inside the device, and when you extract it you have double the normal screen size?

  • Gus Me

    The vids I’ve seen look pretty impressive. I just wonder how’d they be implemented effectively. Flexible retina screen anyone? 😛

  • if you check the videos in YouTube about Samsung flexible displays you wont see anything usable or something that would make sense.

    Having a flexible display that would make a device more easy to brake of contain moving parts in order to expand the display housed in a smaller package is not a good thing. IMHO having new technology in you hands and using it right is 2 different things.

    To be honest i haven’t seen anything innovative enough from Samsung to hope that they will use flexible displays to do something innovative or ground breakign

    However i truly hope that Samsung proves me wrong and pull off something nice with flexible displays!

  • Stormy

    Samsung is a good company, making good products at affordable prices, like widescreen TVs and all-in-one home theater systems. As for phones, well, I think they lack originality and style. This flexible screen thing on smartphone is original though and, well, stylish. Practical? I think not. What I like about the next iPhone is that it is being made quietly, with new features that you don’t know about but, once you use them, you will find them incredibly useful. Take Siri for instance.

  • fdxgncgfn

    The only way for Apple to keep up is by using Samsung to produce the displays.