In case you didn’t know, satellite provider DirecTV recently updated its iPad app with the ability to stream live TV. Customers can stream a selection of channels on the iPad when connected to the same home network as the DirecTV HD DVR.

Like Time Warner, DirecTV has blocked streaming access to users on jailbroken iDevices. A jailbreak patch has been released to fix the block…

Companies rooted in traditional models of distribution, like DirecTV and Time Warner, get scared of the kind of people that jailbreak, mainly because anyone can record a jailbroken iDevice’s screen or possibly save streamed video for offline viewing. When trying to initiate a live TV stream from the DirecTV iPad app, users reported that a warning message was displayed saying that the device was jailbroken.

The DirecTV iPad Patch can now be downloaded for free in Cydia to remedy this issue. Jailbroken DirecTV customers will then be able to stream live TV like normal from the free iPad app. No other changes will be made.

You must be on iOS 4.3.3 to have an untethered jailbreak on the iPad 1 and iPad 2. A tethered jailbreak for the iPad 1 is available on iOS 5 as well.

[image via ModMyi]

  • Good i need it, i’m going to download it right now

  • Joe

    Its only good if your at home. Can’t watch it away from home

  • chingiz

    hey thomas

  • john

    do they have an app for the iphone that can do that same?

  • Joe

    i have it for my ipad and it doesnt work unless u have wifi connected to your directv box. So what that tells me is that this app only works at home and not outside your house. if u have tv in your room and in living room. y the hell would u need a directv app for only the house.. what i do have connected to my directv is my slingbox. now that i can control and turn on and off change channels as well as record from my slingbox app. way better

    • Greg

      that’s a very good point… however, i did find myself sitting on the patio last night enjoying the chilly air and tried streaming from the iPad, but i don’t have a wifi receiver. bullshit.

      • Jason Masters

        What do u mean a router?

  • Jtorres

    Where can I find the optimum patch?

  • Chris

    it’s only for a few channels, which SUCKS

  • Nicole

    Only 38 channels and you can’t leave your home…doesn’t sound like this app is capable of much. The DISH Remote Access app I got from DISH Network gives me all of my live TV programming and DVR recordings on my Android and my iPad2. I don’t even have to be home to view the programming I’m subscribed to as an employee of DISH, plus my terabyte of memory on my DVR gives me plenty to watch while I’m out and about. Hopefully after this patch they can work on getting their subscribers a means to use their mobile devices while being mobile.

  • nicole.vega

    Too bad for their subscribers this update doesn’t include true LIVE TV on the iPad. The DISH Remote Access app I have on my iPad2 and my Android give me the full extent of the channels I get normally on my TV. I got everything connected through DISH Network when I started working for them, and since then it’s been bringing me all of my programming and DVR recordings to me anywhere there’s Wi-Fi or mobile 3G network without having to stay at home.

  • 11/17/11
    Cydia patch no longer works since latest Directv update.