Ever since Apple unveiled its latest version of the iPhone earlier this month, we’ve all been wondering one thing: when will it be jailbroken? And now that some of us have had the device for two weeks, we’re definitely ready to start hacking.

Tweaks are being updated with iOS 5 compatibility, and new utilities are being introduced that are specific to the new software. So how long must us iPhone 4S users wait until we can access this stuff? Luckily, MuscleNerd has some info for us…

The Dev Team frontman gave up some details on his Twitter account late last night regarding the status of the iPhone 4S jailbreak. The good news is that the Team has managed to exploit Apple’s latest smartphone and install Cydia.

The bad news is, that seems to be as far as they’ve gotten. MuscleNerd posted this message, “VERY preliminary 4S JB. (Huge missing pieces prevent public release. LOTS of work left),” along with these screenshots:

Keep in mind that we saw Comex‘s jailbroken iPad 2 months before a public release was available, so the hard part is yet to come. But it’s still good to see that the device has been jailbroken. These guys have once again proved how talented they are.

Do the community a favor and don’t bug the Dev Team or other developers working on the project. It only irritates them and slows things down. If you really want to know what the latest is on the iPhone 4S jailbreak, just keep tuning into iDB — it’s what we do.

  • bruno

    its always a question of time to jailbreak(unlike unlocks)

  • LT

    Can’t wait!!! I need my SBSettings back. This is my number 1 reason why I JB. I do like asking Siri dumb questions haha

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      Me too. SBSettings is the reason I jailbreak.

      • Iphone Fan

        That makes Three of us

  • angelo

    finally we can see some light in the dark tunnel

  • sthrngrl

    Thanks for the update as I patiently wait 🙂

  • Jacob Nørgaard

    Huge thanks to ANYONE involved with jailbreaking. These guys are helping thousands, no MILLIONS of users worldwide.

  • bltkor

    Well i think going forward we will probs see a UN-jailbreakable ios version.

    • Noisy

      With the helps of jailbreakers like comex on their paylist maybe they will, lets just hope that we keep our option to jailbreak!

      • Avionixoid

        Sounds more like a chess game between @comex with his new fruitful friends and JB community. Not a very fair game as @comex knows the strategy, tactics, tools etc used by JBs

    • soccerkrzy

      That’s incorrect, no software is perfect.

  • peter jansen

    Will that mean that the iPad2 on iOS5 will be jailbroken too when it will be published?

    • Binary-Stalker

      Probably. If they jailbroke it, they found an A5 exploit.

      • SpideyRules

        iPad2’s jailbreak wouldn’t rely on the processor, since it was able to be jailbroken prior to iOS 5…I would assume…

  • OakGm

    Those guys are awesome. I wish I knew how to begin finding and jailbreaking. It seems so interesting and I would like to help the cause.

  • wont c a jailbreak till the new year on d 4s,, its the hardest one yet, + their waiting on a updated version on ios5 to be out soon

  • Andrew Enriquez

    I have never minded the wait. It’s always worth it and it makes no sense to me to “bug” since the jailbreak is free to the public.

  • CJ

    I just wish they’d hurry up and release it for the iPhone 4 etc, they had multiple exploits they said and I just hope everyone doesn’t have to wait until they crack the 4S, that’s hardware related so put out the untethered for the older devices, that semi tether was a load of bullshit and didn’t even work !!!

    • jamesandyori

      I agree with you, but if the dev team exposes their hand too soon then apple will respond and block them. This way if they wait then all of the devices on 5 can be jailbroke at once!

      And to be honest the tethered jb isn’t bad all if you give it a chance.


      • CJ

        They can’t block it, if it’s hardware related then putting out a jailbrake for i4’s etc won’t affect anything, just like the iPad 2 was, Apple can try and fix any exploit released for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch etc but they’d need new hardware to fix any exploit available because of the A5 chip etc so waiting until that point is pointless as any explot they are working on for the 4S and iPad 2 isn’t the same as the i$ etc.

      • jamesandyori

        Thanks CJ

  • kokhean

    I hope that it’s an A5 chip exploit.

  • babe

    WHOA ….ipad A5 ios5 should be jailbroken too.

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    A bit off topic but I noticed you had included bitesms in your 20 awesome iOS 5 compatible tweaks list but every time I try to open the application through the icon it exits. I can’t seem to figure it out. Anybody else having this problem? Or is it just me?

    • bart

      Same here. Help is appreciated.
      I tried the mobileterminal to uninstall forecefully in cydia and it still doesnt work.

    • Woody dog

      You need bite 6. You need the beta repo. Search and you will find it

  • AMB

    Man i can’t wait for this unt jaikbreak, im getting sick of ios4 lol

  • Scaredy Shroom

    Not to offend anyone, but the main reason why people want a jailbreak so badly is so they can steal and pirate apps. I used to find this ok, but now I’m a developer and seeing my app being pirated really puts things into perspective.

    We honestly don’t need a jailbreak at this point as most of the previous JB features are now directly in iOS 5, so please PLEASE don’t pirate software, it hurts devs and will result in us getting hurt in the end when a dev decides enough is enough to produce software anymore.

    • Derpy

      Your assumption that everyone “Jailbreaks to pirate” is absurd to say the least, some of us want to unlock our phones, some of us want to be out of the Apple Walled Garden, and then SOME people want to pirate apps.

      Now, I mainly JB my iPhone to put BiteSMS on there, as well as other tweaks. I occasionally “pirate” apps, just as a trial, I eventually buy said app, or just delete it. If apple gave us a time trial on their software, I would never need it install instalous on my iPhone, but until that days comes, I’m not going to waste money on apps I buy blindly without knowing how it functions.

      • Scaredy Shroom

        I never explicitely said everyone does it for that reason did I? I think if you had read my post like a mature person, you would know that I was referring to the reason *most* people jailbreak. I’m sorry I didn’t spoon feed it to you though..

        As far as “I try apps then pay for them” give me a fucking break. You think stealing other people’s work just to try it out is legal? If you are too cheap to try out something that looks good for 99 cents (again, MOST of the time), then you shouldn’t have a 300 dollar phone in your hand. It sickens me to see what kind of justifications people make when it comes to piracy.

        “I eventually delete them” It doesn’t matter, you still stole them, and as far as I know, “blindly spending money” applies to a lot of things. Do you just buy a bottle of wine, try it, decide its not according to your taste and return it? I certainly hope not because people like you need to rot in a dark corner.

      • Itsyaboy4

        @ scaredy shroom don’t compare software/apps to something like wine or anything tangible, apps are intangible so taking a bite of an apple and putting it back and trying out software b4 you buy is not the same thing we should have a try out b4 kuz thier are alot of bullshit apps in the app store and as far for jailbreaking goes most people want to jailbreak in order to add all types of tweaks to thier phone and yeah thier are alot of people that pirate apps but its not the main reason kuz even if it was not possible to pirate people will still jailbreak to free their phones

    • that is such a retarded statement. thats like saying everyone that owns a gun only wants bullets so they can kill people. i have a 4s sitting on the desk and im still rolling on my iphone 4 simply so i can have my custom sounds, mywi, sbsettings, lockdown, etc. that 4s is going to sit there until it can be jailbroken (tethered or not doesnt matter). that has zero to do with pirated apps. i am so sick of everyone just jumping to the conclusion of everyone only doing it for pirated apps. so stupid.

      • JF

        And the funny part is… both of you are ignorant of his comment. He never used the word “everyone”, unlike both of you. There is a difference between “everyone” and “most”. If you don’t think most people jailbreak for free apps, then you’re denying was probably true. The other funny statement everyone loves to through out there is you’re ” I occasionally “pirate” apps, just as a trial, I eventually buy said app.” Well I’m sorry to inform you, but even going to Walmart and walking out with something inexpensive with the intentions of going back and paying later is illegal. “so stupid.”

      • Scaredy Shroom

        With the exception of tethering and sbsettings, you will find all the others settings you listed in your post in iOS 5. You can set custom sounds now and you can enjoy the pleasure of using the new notifications system.

        And really, you are just denying what’s true. And the fact that Derpy already said that he pirates apps to “try” them proves my point. It’s like saying “I brought a gun to school so I could protect myself!” “I only borrowed the money I stole!” I’m not saying that EVERYONE pirates, but I find that a significant percent of jail breakers do it for this reason.

        You see where I’m taking this? I’m sorry if hearing the truth hurts your feelings, but I would much rather piss off a couple of cheap guys who don’t want to pay for someone’s time and effort rather than condone piracy.


      • Itsyaboy4

        @JF And he never used the word “most” so wa wa lol he said people so that’s pretty much saying everyone

    • JF

      I agree completely when it comes to pirating apps. However, I do support jailbreaking for non pirated apps such as SBSettings that the new iOS5 notification bar is still lacking. I also don’t have a problem with free tethering since I think AT&T get’s enough of my money, and I don’t use tethering enough to spend $20 a month on. Other then that, I completely support app developers and I wish others knew how much development is put into apps that only cost a few dollars at most.

      • Woody dog

        All I jailbreak for is bite 3G unrestricter and sbsettings. I payed for the first two and I would pay for sbsettings.

      • Itsyaboy4

        And he never used the word “most” so wa wa lol he said people so that’s pretty much saying everyone

    • Zuzijo

      Not true …. I couldn’t function without MyWi and I also love the fact that the JB writers are way ahead of the game in terms of code. Notification Centre is a total rip off of Intelliscreen and X has taken it one step further again …. can’t wait to get it!! I also agree with the guy below … JB tweaks and apps come on a trial basis the App Store doesn’t which I think is one of its biggest failings!! If I’m paying £10 for an App I want to know that it does what it says and it’s useful for me!! I don’t use installous now but I have paid for every single piece of software I have ‘trialled’ and subsequently downloaded from the App Store. Forcing non-JBers into that sort of non-choice IS theft …. Those $$$ sure do add up eventually …. especially if the App turns out to be useless!!

      • Scaredy Shroom

        Apple isn’t “forcing” anyone. If you don’t like their system then there are plenty of good alternatives out there. You calling it “forcing into non choice theft” is so laughably weak that I won’t even bother explaining anything to you now

    • SpideyRules

      @JF His original statement is “the main reason why people want a jailbreak so badly is so they can steal and pirate apps” and then he continues his post as though “jailbreakers = pirates.” This is actually offensive to me and from what I read in the forums and the people I know, is simply untrue.

      He also uses “WE” as in “We honestly don’t need a jailbreak at this point…” This would have to be inclusive of ALL iDevice users…implying EVERYONE, so yes, he did use “everyone” even though it was only implied. Your point is now rendered moot.

      • Scaredy Shroom

        It’s not untrue, stop denying the truth. And I never said everyone, it was implied that I was referring to most jailbreakers. Read the links I posted above and you will see that its worse than you think.

        Also the people you know = not representative of the majority, so if you want to talk about implying, then you should read your statement again where YOU just happened to imply that your friends = represent every jailbreaker.

        So I would stfu I were you and go eat your cereal.

      • JF

        I did read it wrong. Apologies. However, as he stated afterwards, he didn’t mean everyone. Also, wrong use of the word “moot”. Looks like we all make mistakes.

    • Aarix

      No offense, but that’s absurd. Not everybody who jailbreaks, pirates. People do it for the tweaks, the themes and the emulators. If you have a problem with it then set a trial app and have them pay for the app via in-app purchasing and stop complaining.

    • Aarix

      No offense, but that’s absurd. Not everybody who jailbreaks, pirates. People do it for the tweaks, the themes and the emulators. If you have a problem with it then set a trial app and have them pay for the app via in-app purchasing.

      • Scaredy Shroom

        I guess you STILL didn’t read my updated post did you?

        How about it YOU have a problem
        With it then go to android where you can refund apps. You can tell how most apps are based on reviews and YouTube videos. I mean it’s $0.99 for crying out loud (most apps) it is highly amusing that you cry about not having a trial product for a one dollar app.

  • Zuzijo

    Awesome!! Picking up my 4s tomorrow …. My 4 is already JB’d but I can’t live without MyWi !!!
    Next on my wish list ….. Custom Siri voices!! 😎

  • Zuzijo

    Awesome!! Picking up my 4s tomorrow …. My 4 is already JB’d but I can’t live without MyWi !!! Next on my wish list ….. Custom Siri voices!! 😎

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Added the repo, could not find anything by the name of Bite 6


    Just because It is .99c doesn’t mean that you have to buy blindly. Look at the android market, they do 24hrs.

  • niggacakes

    In all honesty, people are always going to steal shit no matter what. So quit bitching. There are people that will be willing to spend money on your products, but then there will also be a group that will steal them. No matter how much you bitch and moan and fight with each other about it, you’re not going to make a difference.. It can really only piss people off more, and then people who don’t steal will WANT to because you’ve offended them… soooo… just sit back and relax. you’re vaginas going to dry up if you don’t quit crying

    • Scaredy Shroom

      How about you just sit in your cubicle while I actually speak up? That’s why chumps like you never make it past a 45k job and people like me and JF, people who speak up and stand up are successful.

      BTW, I make more money than your fucking family combined so shove it you fuck.

  • sick of dickheads

    @ Scaredy Shroom fuck off and shut your fucking hole!

    • Scaredy Shroom

      Why don’t you go rot in a grave somewhere you piece of shit.

  • Hi

    When u are able to jailbreak with jailbreakme untethered will u be able to change the bootlogo like greenpois0n thanks ;P

  • fdxgncgfn

    Now if only I could double boot between jailbroken 4.3.3 and non-jailbroken 5

  • Kebowlin

    @ Scaredy Shroom In your original post you said that “most” people who jailbreak pirate, but the article you posted it stated that almost half of the people that jailbreak pirate. I’m not sure that you understand the definition of the word “most”, you may want to look that up.

  • niggacakes

    If you make more money then my entire family Scaredy Shroom, then why the hell are you complaining? Go put your rich fat ass up on some comfy cushion and eat some more twinkies instead of complaining about people stealing from you. If you’re so rich, then it doesn’t matter. Thats a typical complaint from some stuck up cock sucking snob, who thinks they’re going to be damaged if they dont have enough money to pay for someone to wipe their ass. Just do what you love to do and be happy that people actually pay attention to your jack shit apps when there are hundreds of people who could wipe the floor with you, you cocky son of a bitch. I’m not speaking up? I would say I am right now. I have no reason to sit and complain about shit thats going to make me look like an arrogant asshole and make false claims on groups of people who probably have no interest in the fucking BILE you spew out of your zit ridden orifices. So instead of trying to act like a big man, why don’t you just SHOVE IT up your ass and go cry to your fucking mommy so maybe then someone will give a god damn about what you have to say you cock monkey.

  • niggacakes

    And if you’re too stupid to see, everyone here can spot out the error of continuity in your argument you stupid god damn fool. Shut the fuck up and stop laying blanket accusations of theft on people who don’t give a fuck about you or your stupid bull shit.

  • Nyc work musclenerd and devteam we wish you all the best, u people are very talented gifted people

  • nice