Tony Fadell is best known for his involvement in the creation of Apple’s hit music player. The DJ-turned-engineer oversaw 9 years of iPod productions and three years of iPhones. And after 18 months of silence, he’s finally unveiled his next big product.

It’s a thermostat. You know, the thing that controls the temperature in your house? Except this isn’t just an ordinary thermostat, this is an eco-friendly, Wi-Fi enabled, self-adjusting thermostat that you can control from anywhere in the world with your iPhone…

TechCrunch broke the news yesterday on Fadell’s secret project:

“Fadell’s new company, Nest Labs, is bringing Apple-level design and cool to those little boxes on the walls of a quarter of a billion US homes and offices that control the internal temperature. Why? Because all the ones on the market are ugly, they are too hard to use and they control a whopping 50% of the average American home’s energy budget. “

The Nest thermostat sports an old-fashioned rotary dial design, but don’t let that fool you — it’s very modern. Among its features is a set of sensors that can detect human movement. If it believes you’ve been gone for a while, it adjusts the temperature accordingly.

The Nest is also Wi-Fi capable and connects to your home network. This allows you to access the thermostat and its settings from a secure web portal, or better yet, your phone. It will have native apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Fadell’s beautiful thermostat costs $249, and is now available for preorder from Best Buy.

Are you getting one?

  • 1337inside

    rip off, 250$… too much

  • Louie

    Nope. maybe at.. say $49

  • Sebastedien

    remember the first line in this article… it was NOT steve jobs who created the ipod!

    • Your stupid. HE said, “Tony Fadell is best known for his INVOLVEMENT in the creation of Apple’s hit music player.” No where is it stated that Steve Jobs Didn’t create the iPod. Loser.

      • Your5thGradeEnglishTeacher

        You’re* 🙂 Who’s stupid?….

      • soccerkrzy

        My favorite Internet insult “your stupid”…haha.

  • Wasapppppp

    Neither did this guy. If u read carefully, they both had INVOLVEMENT. Way to be observant.

  • Alex

    What if you’re stuck in the toilet – too much chili, I dunno – and to even worsen it, it starts to get cold?!

  • Jason Masters

    Who pays 250 for a thermostat? The wifi option is nice but not 250$ nice this is a gimmick like all those projects that Sebastian always writes about that people don’t or won’t fund in theory they look awesome but in practicality they are just not feasible.

  • DomPerignon

    I wonder, how often do you touch a thermostat to justify an app and $250.? Home Depot sells awesome, eco-friendly thermostats for $50-$70.

  • Oliverf

    People who don’t need to count their money will buy it but it won’t have mass market appeal. Poor strategic move from a consumer product standpoint.

  • Thor

    I have a 7 day programmable for $70 that works well. The cost here for me is my $70 + $249. Just not sure what the payback period would be. Not sure I like the motion detector. They suck in hotel rooms if you lay down and my dog would interfere with it.

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    is this for real at 250 quid haha

  • D-Hamm

    250? I’d spend $125 at most on this. How does it get power, that display looks like a power hog.

    • You replace your old thermostat. You know the one covered with an ugly box and inside there’s a power-hogging motherboard that remembers the temperature u set?

      • soccerkrzy

        Yes, a power hogging motherboard, LMAO. I have an eco friendly touchscreen thermostat that’s gone for 3 years now on 4 AA batteries…

    • soccerkrzy

      Most HVAC units have a “C” wire which is a dedicated 12VDC.

  • Jared Floyd

    can it be jailbroken?

    • Andrew

      Tethered only so far

  • mwpit52

    Your in bed on cold night and your nagging wife wants you to get up and turn up heat but you just grab iPhone and crank up via Wifi…..Priceless …wish it had a wife mute button.

  • soccerkrzy

    Considering Honeywell and other major thermostat manufacturers already have a device that can do much more than this (with a more intuitive touch screen interface) for $100, this will be one huge flop.

  • Bill

    Dude that thermostat is tits…

  • Jeff

    This guy must be a moron if he thinks people are going to swap their thermostats for this overpriced monstrosity….. maybe the 1% will buy them, but not the 99%

  • Hitesh

    An overpriced iThermostat. What next an iToilet to take a iShit

  • Hitesh

    An overpriced iThermostat. What next an iToilet to take a iShitt