One of the cool new features of iOS 5 is that it allows you to bring up the Camera app directly from the lock screen. No need to unlock the phone, look for the Camera app and launch it, as you can now do that right from the lock screen now. This simple feature can save time if you want to take a picture right away.

I’ve been asked a few times today how to activate this feature, and even though most of you out there probably know how to use it, I figured it might be helpful for new iOS users…

In order to open the Camera app quickly, simply double click the home button while you are on your iPhone’s lock screen. This will bring up the Camera icon, as seen on the image above.

Tap the icon and it will launch the Camera app.

That’s all there is to it! Simple and straightforward. Just the way Apple likes it.

  • Wow I can’t believe people didn’t know that

    • Will

      I know right …

    • Shannon

      How would we know if most of us just got ios 5?

      • iJoke

        Exactly, right? What a bunch of bozos, thinking how silly it’d be if anyone did not know how to use such feature.

  • Cory

    Does it not work on 3GS? Because I dont have that on mine but I have iOS5

    • It works on the 3GS. As a matter of fact, the screenshot above was taken on a 3GS.

      • Josh

        Do you have a 3GS, Sebastien?

      • SimonOrJ

        Guys in iDB have EVERYTHING!!!
        note that I’m NOT a iDB writer. =P

  • FeO

    Wow people are really that slow. Smh can u please make a video lmfao lol

    • No, people aren’t slow. But not everyone knows how to use an iPhone like you do 🙂

      • Me being one of those “slow” people. Thanks again Sabastien.

  • George

    Since my home button is constantly jammed, does anyone knows if it’s possible to keep the camera icon permanently set at the lockscreen

    • Dan

      Yes, there is already a tweak in cydia for that called cameralocker iirc

  • DebTym


  • Iamlynda

    Thanks Sebastian! I forgot about that one. And we can use the up volume toggle to snap the shot and down to set focus

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      And yes, the volume button to take a pic is a great new feature too.

      • Jason

        Sebastien, is there a way to leave the cam icon there all the time?

  • scott

    has anyone notice that the zoom has disapeared from the camera or is it me being slow?

    • Paola

      It hasn’t disappear, use your fingers to expand like making a V and the zoom will show up

    • Gus Me

      Pinch to zoom and the “bar” will reappear…

  • Paola

    It works on my iPhone but not on my iPad, on the iPad shows a photos icon not the camera

  • scott

    oops found it..sorry

  • Nano

    Doesn’t show on iPad 2 wifi 32 Gb :/

  • This is/was CAMERALOCK (Jailbreak app by Filippo Biga) – Apple decided to take it and add it to iOS5! CAMERALOCK is available from CYDIA!

    • CrazyBraulz

      In reality iOS5 beta1 came out before camera lock, Filippo Biga made the tweak so people could use the feature on non iOS5 devices… Sorry to disappoint you. But yeah he’s a good dev and he does a really good job.

  • KiraXD

    once again proving jailbreak tweaks are always at least 6 months ahead of apple…

  • Stupid thing is that it does not relock the code protection. Camera lock used to have that option.

    • Rebecca

      Yeah, I noticed that too. Seems like it’s a convenient feature, but definitely not very safe


    Does double tapping the home button (on lock screen) still bring up the ipod menu too?? Or just the cam icon?

  • John

    Doesn’t work on iPad 2.

  • Donavan

    I know it because I saw in the ‘full’ screenshot on with also the quick iPod menu.

  • Rebecca

    security question–when I do this–it doesn’t require me to ever enter a password in my phone!!! I double-click the home button, take a picture and then my phone is open for use. Seems really insecure!!! I can see enabling it to take pictures, but after that, it should still require the code to do anything else with the phone. is there something I’m missing?

  • Ak

    Rebecca – it does ask you to enter your code if your try to do anything other than deleting the photo you have just clicked

  • Be nice – I’ve been a MAC user since 1992 and didn’t know how to find that feature. Respect is paramount in this world, don’t belittle those who aren’t as nerdy as thou.

  • Shelley

    Thx for that – i thought the camera icon wd be permanently on the lock screen! It’s obvious now, of course..,,

  • Claire

    Thanks for this. I’m brand new to Iphone and I couldn’t work out why the camera app wasn’t visible when I clicked the home button.

  • thuy

    Thanks for posting this. All the holier than thou “How could you not know?” pompous posters need to shove a first gen iphone up their bum.

  • Ronald

    What about jailbroken iphone 4 on ios5? The shortcut is not working currently.

  • It was work, but it doesn’t work now

  • Thank you! Exactly what I was trying to figure out!

  • TLC

    Nothing happens when i tap the camera icon…????

    • When you get the camera icon up just flick the icon upwards and the camera opens, took me a while too!

      • Anonymous

        Ohhh God! Thank you so much!!! I was struggling with that for ages.

        Many thanks!!!! 🙂