iPhone 4S pre-orders on all three U.S. carriers have sold out. Apple recently announced that it had sold a record-breaking 1 million iPhone 4S units over launch weekend, with AT&T accounting for 200,000 of those orders.

After the first day of pre-order availability, shipping estimates fell worldwide to 1-2 weeks. Those that were fortunate to pre-order before stock ran out will have the iPhone 4S delivered tomorrow.

Bloomberg reports:

“Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. wireless operator, and Sprint, the third-biggest, showed no immediate stock of iPhone 4S 16-gigabyte models for pre-order on their websites. AT&T, the No. 2 carrier, is giving buyers on its site a delivery estimate of three to four weeks, up from one to two days when pre-orders began Oct. 7.”

The iPhone 4S goes on sale officially tomorrow in stores, and all three carriers have sold all pre-order stock. There will be a select amount of units available for purchase tomorrow at Apple stores and partner retail chains, but these reserved units will only be available for the first customers in line. (Heads up: People are already in line.)

While harsh criticism said that the iPhone 4S was a huge disappointment, sales have shown the opposite. The iPhone 4S is looking to be Apple’s best-selling iPhone yet.

  • iPhoneFollower

    “sales have shown the opposite” I believe would be the correct wording.

  • Epic Meal Time

    Look at me now, haters!

  • Tim Cook

    Steve said “the new iPhone 4S is to die for”.

  • MrA

    “The iPhone 4S is looking to be Apple’s best-selling iPhone yet.”

    Not only that, but apples best selling product ever.

    • topsy

      Despite 512 of RAM. There must be another reason why everybody including me loves the iPhone.

  • Ibrahim Sait

    Hamza if u r reading this article.
    I told ya the iPhone 4s will out-sell all the previous iPhone’s. 🙂

    • CO

      Pat yourself on the back…. No one else is going to.

  • Boom

    Did att start sending the 4s yet??? Because i just called and they said it will ship tom. Wtf?? Did any att people that preorder got there shipping confirmation???

    • Ultim8dancemom

      Mine still says it’s on backorder

  • Boom

    Did any att customer see or recieved a shipping confirmation already???

  • Boom

    Did att customers recieve their shipping confirmation???

  • Mlp10

    My phone is in route and should be dilivered on time tomorrow.

    I also think the IPhone 4S is such a big seller is because of the sheer number of people like me still using their 3G or 3GS. We need to upgrade and don’t want to wait for the iPhone 5.

  • Mervin

    I pre ordered mine from ATT October 7 and its on the way right now from FedEx coming tomorrow with overnight shipping 🙂

    • Boom

      Mines shipped too via ups… Hell yeah white 4s 64gb

  • MizzJody

    Ordered mine Oct. 7 and it’s still not coming 🙁