If you’re looking to preserve your iPhone’s baseband when upgrading to iOS 5 on a Windows machine, then Sn0wBreeze is your ticket to baseband freedom.

Preserving your unlockable baseband is integral to being able to unlock your phone when an updated version of UltraSn0w is released tomorrow.

Windows users, this one’s for you. Check inside for the full video tutorial that shows how to preserve your baseband, while upgrading to iOS 5 using Windows

If you’re on a Windows machine, your options are limited to Sn0wBreeze at this time, because RedSn0w has not been updated with baseband preservation capabilities on Windows as of this writing. Mac users can use RedSn0w 0.9.9b5 to preserve their baseband.

How to Preserve Your Baseband on Windows When Upgrading to iOS 5:

Step 1: Download Sn0wBreeze 2.8 beta 8 from our Downloads Page.

Step 2: Run Sn0wBreeze, click ‘OK’ and click ‘Close Credits’ and click the blue next button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Step 3: Drag your iOS 5 firmware file to the gray box on Sn0wBreeze. Make sure you have the correct firmware file for your device.

Step 4: Sn0wBreeze will identify the device and firmware, verify that they are correct.

Step 5: Click the blue next button in the bottom right-hand corner, and select Baseband Preservation Mode. You will receive a reminder about jailbreaking. Click next.

Step 6: Now Sn0wBreeze will start building your firmware. It will give you the option to play PacMan, or stick to the spinner. I recommend sticking to the spinner. PacMan requires flash, ’nuff said 😉

Step 7: Once completed, Sn0wBreeze will place the custom created firmware on your desktop. It should be prefixed with “Sn0wBreeze”. Verify, and click ‘OK’.

Step 8: Put your iPhone into DFU mode by holding ‘home + power’ for 10 seconds, then releasing ‘power’ while continuing to hold ‘home’ for 10 seconds.

Step 9: Click ‘Start’ on the DFU Pwner screen in Sn0wBreeze.

Step 10: Sn0wBreeze will run ‘iReb’ and place your iPhone into Pwned DFU Mode. You will get a confirmation screen that the phone is indeed in Pwned DUF state. Click ok, and close out of Sn0wBreeze completely.

Step 11: Open iTunes, it should recognize that your device is in recovery mode, click ‘OK’.

Step 12: Hold ‘Shift’ on your keyboard, and click ‘Restore’ on iTunes. Select the newly created Sn0wBreeze custom firmware.

Step 13: Your iPhone should restore completely, with your unlockable baseband in tact!

Note: This does not jailbreak your device, or unlock your device. When the new version of UltraSn0w for iOS 5 is released, you can jailbreak, and install UltraSn0w from Cydia to unlock your device if you wish. For more info on Sn0wBreeze, refer to our dedicated Sn0wBreeze page.

Have you tried to persevere you baseband on Windows using Sn0wBreeze? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Anonymous

    I actually paid for my jailbreak which looked reputable. Now I’m not sure. My iphone 3Gs was updated to ios 5 the day before I tried to jailbreak. Now all I get is a gray screen which says iphone. Then it wants me to select my region. Then says sim not valid. This was updated on a MAC, but I took it home to jailbreak on windows. Everything seemed to be going well. Never got to unlock it and no email from tech support on site I purchased the download. Can anyone help?

  • marlon melieste

    i cant get it to work i get the following errors on itouch 4g
    3194:itunes cant verify cause ios 5.0.1 is out
    1600: i dont know
    2005: i dont know either
    help apreciated
    i tried to jailbreak with redsnow 8 built in ipod apps were gone?!?!
    then i tried to restore to ios 5 non-jailbreak
    then i had 3194 used sauriks cydia server (both of them)
    didn’t do the job instead 1600
    used tiny umbrella to get shsh blobs for 4.3.3
    downgraded to 4.3.3 perfectly
    try to restore to ios 5 again no luck error 1600
    made a custom snowbreeze ipsw (ios 5)
    installed that one ALMOST perfectly hanged with snowbreeze icon
    itunes nagging about error 10 currently updating to itunes 10.5.1 hope that works 🙂


      Marlon, I have the same problem…. I tried everything on windows…no luck. I do not have a mac, so let me know if you ever got this resolved. thx

      • Same Problem with iTunes error 10.
        i have 1 clean ios 5.0.1 update with custom firmware from redsnow but after redsnow updated the bb of a friends iphone ( and he uses the NO_BB version ) im scared of using redsnows custom option. and now i got itunes error 10 with another device. anyone knows how to fix it ? error 10 says ‘ the trick with the LLB to preserve the baseband has failed’ …. :/

  • Gaurav Porwal

    I keep getting Error 2005. No resolution to that has seem to work. Tried uninstalling-installing ITunes, tried with/without TinyUmbrella but no solution has worked so far 🙁

  • I have iPhone 4 (iOS 4.3.3, Firmware 4.10.01), want to upgrade to iOS 5.

    Do I have to download the firmware of 4.3.3 version or 5.0 ?

  • lol i need to have what firmware ? because i have 4.1 im trying to upgrade to 5.0 but i get an error when im trying to restaure in itunes..the server dosen’t let me restaure..

  • any errors we might encounter during the restore stage? and are there fixes? thanks.

  • are there any issues during the (shift) restore phase? and are there fixes? thank you and have a nice day.

    • ERROR 3194 Followed all the steps but when I got to the restore part it says error 3194. Tried to direct it to Saurix’s (gs.apple) but still no success. Just rebooted my iphone and still no IOS 5. 🙁

  • pUnEeT JaSwAL

    Stop Whining guys…! 5.0 is no more signed by Apple but 5.0.1 is presently working ! …

  • jeremy yeaman

    my baseband is updated to 04.11.08 will i be able to unlock this phone any time soon?

    • Rajendra Kumar

      with this cruel apple policy thousands og iPhone4 owners who upgraded trusting apple heve been ditched like anythig. You can’t do anything with that s**t phone now other than waiting for some kind developers who can hear our woos to bring us out of this. pray god for early success from developers.

    • me too 🙁 i can’t use my gevey sim

      • Kasey Cavyel

        i get a invalid IPSW……

  • this is very very simple tool to jailbreak and install cydia automatically
    i like snow breeze very much………..

  • shaikh shariyar

    3194 itunes error wat to do ??

  • on the Step 3 , put my IOs , or the future iOs ?

  • Jernej360

    How to fix error 10xx im stuck in with my ipod