As iPhone 4S units start arriving across the globe this week, expect to see several head-to-head comparison videos with top competitors. Some critics believe that the latest iPhone doesn’t measure up to the competition, so it’s time to find out for sure.

Slashgear is one of the first to the party, as the site has obtained a Verizon-flavored version of Apple’s new handset. And with a T-Mobile-branded Samsung Galaxy S II laying around, they decided to pit the two smartphones against each other in a web test…

After soundly beating its predecessor in a few head-to-head website-loading tests, Slashgear puts the iPhone 4S up against Android’s best — the Galaxy S II. With its dual-core 1.5GHz processor, the new Galaxy S is one of the fastest phones in the business.

Here’s Slashgear on the results:

“One of the fastest processor around currently, the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm in the Galaxy S II performs very well but is just barely by a hair beat by the new A5 dual-core iPhone 4S in most tests. We could argue about this all day, or try other sites but when it really comes down to it iOS is highly efficient — not to mention many websites are designed with iOS in mind.”

The test seems to be on even grounds as the browser cache is cleared from both devices, and they’re both on Wi-Fi. It’s interesting to see that the iPhone 4S outpaces the flagship Android handset, but as Slashgear suggests, it could be iOS-related.

What do you think of the results of the web test?


  • Painman

    We should of course point out that the Galaxy S2 is actually 6 months old so the comparison is outdated now. Perhaps we should wait for the Nexus Prime or or the Galaxy S2 HD before we get too excited about results that “Appear to be even”

    I’m a proud iPhone 4 user disappointed by the 4S upgrade, not a fandroid before the haters start.

    • just for curiosity, what where you expecting?

      • Painman

        I think in fairness I was holding out for a slightly larger screen, a faster processor and more Ram.

        I would have loved to have seen the tapered screen design that was touted so heavily on this site and I’d have liked to have seen the removal of the of the home button as this is undoubtably one of it’s weaker features.

        That’s the headline changes I was hoping for and (for me) the 4S falls short

    • Carsten

      Hold on, in this test the Galaxy is loading flash which absolutely have a big impact and you can see the difference vs 4s is not so much eventhough I repeat galxy is loading flash.

    • javierE186

      Funny how other people and companies were comparing their speeds and their selfs to the iPhone 4 (which is sooooooo old; anything other then 6 months is old in tech and the iPhone 4 is 18 months I believe[don’t quote me on that lol]), it was ok or cool of them. However someones compares the 4s to the S II and people cry foul. Come on give it a break. One knows when one is beat and the S II is beat. The the S III will beat the 4s and the 5 will beat the S III and vice versa.

  • Tomb198269

    In the first part of vid, the iPhone on the left is to close to the one on the right. I believe it’s affected by some kind of attenuation from the one on the right. Because my iPhone 4 loads up pages quicker than they showed on that iPhone 4, the one in the video loaded pages a little “slower” than normal?

    • Tomb198269

      Also did he mention more memory?
      Was he referring to the Ram or the 64gig iPhone?

      • Zen

        One is memory and one isn’t. Its very strait forward which one its referring to.

        Memory and storage are not the same thing

  • I think the comparison of the 4 vs 4S should be made both running ios 5 since the core code could have been greatly improved

  • Primo Sindone

    iPhone 4S beat Galaxy S2 by a hair on the tested websites… but that’s only because S2 loaded flash animations beautifully.

    • Carsten

      that is correct my firend, which shows SG2 is still super fast!

  • Goofygreek

    Did you also notice that the s2 was on hspa+ and not wifi for the first few sites. Wow. What a nice and fair comparison. Yes that was being sarcastic.

  • Coach

    Some people just can’t quit whining. Good Lord..

  • Dusean

    iPhone , it just works

  • Goomba

    Lol @ people getting butt hurt.

  • siralsmooth

    I have to agree with the comments on how flash is loaded beautifully. If all the chosen content was the the same and not optimized for ios, would be a much different story. And as mentioned, a 6 month old phone vs a new one, lets also keep in mind that the galaxy could be rommed, rooted, and overclocked. Thus, destroying the 4S in a comparison. Maybe the iphone5 will make the cut, but not the 4S, IMO anyways.

    • Painman


  • Y8

    As expected on the Iphone 4S I’m still looking for good feedback’s on the Iphone 4S before making it a go and also some feedback’s on Nexus Galaxy…

  • My 3GS Browser mark score is now 40450 with OS5. Setting up the iCloud etc took about one minute. This update is too fye! : )

  • Maybe they should run the Galaxy SII on the stock android OS for it, not an overclocked version of Cynogen Mod 2.3.3 or 3.0, That makes this very invalid considering the iPhone has no overclock or software modification on it, it’s not even possible yet.

  • Ahmed

    iPhone 4S no doubt would beat the Android apps and browsers because Android is a slower OS, generally, just look at the kind of hardware needed to run it smooth (perhaps an area Google needs to work on)….the Galaxy S II is close to a laptop in terms of hardware specs. But still I think in the tests above the reason the GSII lagged is not because the websites were optimized for iOS or anything, I think that is because the GSII loaded the flash content which of course will slow down any browser.

    What I would really like to see is a head on collision with the iOS5 Safari on an iPhone 4S with the IE of WP7. From what I have seen IE on WP7 is very efficient….I have seen it beat some low spec desktops, loading desktop version of websites. I myself have compared my iPhone 4’s browser with the IE on my HD2 running WP7….and IE won to my dismay. But of course it won’t be that fair to compare it with the iPhone 4….but i4S is the perfect candidate.

  • Dan

    Equal fight would be if you use both iPhones with the same carrier. In your video one of them running on AT&T another one Verizon. Everyone knows that Verizon internet faster then AT&T. I think you need to do another test using the same carrier.

  • ras

    LOL ! this is biased ! check a proper video comparison ! not a biased one specifically made for apple ! Seriously,everyone knows that the S II beats the 4S

  • Anonymous

    This means processor doesn’t really mean anything.

  • if you dont have an iphone you just dont have a phone