You would think that with an iPhone refresh on the horizon, sales for last year’s model would start to decline. Why would you buy an outdated handset, when you knew that a new one would be announced soon for the same price?

Apparently not everyone followed the iPhone rumors, or if they did, they just didn’t care. Because according to BGR, the iPhone 4 was still the top-selling smartphone for both Verizon and AT&T during the month of September…

BGR points to a recent report by Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley:

“Our September channel checks indicated solid sell-through trends versus Augusts levels in the U.S. market with sales stronger than our expectations. While we anticipated slowing sales ahead of new smartphone products such as the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II, our checks indicated solid September sales.”

Perhaps even more interesting is that by Canaccord’s records, the iPhone 4 has been the best selling handset on both AT&T and Verizon since April. And other than September, the iPhone 3GS has been AT&T’s second best seller. Incredible.

How do Apple’s smartphones, despite being over a year old (two for the 3GS), continue to outsell other”top-of-the-line” handsets? Is it the $50 price tag? Maybe, but that’s just the 3GS. The iPhone 4’s price is on-par with the competition.

If it’s not price, then what is it? Fanboys? Amazing marketing? What do you think it is?

  • Steve

    Wow even an outdated iPhone sells better than a new android.. Haha

    • Tina


  • Eddie

    Peer pressure. It use to be cool to have a blackberry now it’s the iPhone. People want to all be the same and fit it in.

    • goofygreek

      Well, at first it wasn’t like this. It was all the nerds and geeks that had the iphone. Then it started catching on and more and more people starting getting iphones. So i finally just switched to andriod (galaxy s2). At least not everyone has the same phone i have anymore.

  • Tim West

    It’s not such a mystery.

    Why is Mozart’s music still more popular than Salieri’s? Why does Quadrophenia out sell the latest releases from Status Quo?

    It’s not peer pressure. The product is objectively superior on so many counts. I think deliberate-anti-apple-blindness is more distorting than fanboy exuberance. Until something gets remotely close to it’s quasi-magical technology/usability marriage, we’re not going to see any change in these statistics.

  • Rod

    If you don’t have an iPhone…. you don’t have an iPhone 4S now with Siri

  • Kuipo77

    So anybody still think that there is an iPhone nano?? Apple is about to have the 3 best selling phones in the smart phone market. And with iOS 5 and cloud being supported by the iPhone 3GS (and about to be FREE) the iPhone nano simply doesn’t fit. it’s amazing.

  • Snake Eyes

    My sister wanted an iPhone because it’s easy to use so she was going to buy one a few weeks ago. If I hadn’t talked to her she would have got the 4 and not the 4S but in the end she really doesn’t care which one she has. I guess the basic point is some people don’t care if they have the latest and greatest tech devices. It’s mainly just us tech geeks that get so wrapped up in having the newest devices available.