Rumors of an LTE-capable iPhone didn’t materialize at Apple’s event last week, adding fuel to the fire for the company’s critics. After all, there are dozens of Android handsets available that support next-generation technologies like LTE and WiMax.

But Apple chose to skip on LTE this time around for several reasons. The technology, in its opinion, just wasn’t ready. Perhaps there’s no better proof of that than AnandTech’s new infographic that shows what LTE does to a smartphone’s battery life…

Ben Evans points to a comparison chart by AnandTech that shows the differences in battery life when browsing the web on different devices.

The CDMA iPhone 4 tops the charts at 7.67 hours of web browsing time. That’s nearly 5 hours above the lowest handset, the HTC Thunderbolt. It’s also 2 hours above the popular Droid Bionic, and that’s with an extended battery.

It’s interesting that the CDMA iPhone gets almost an hour more of web browsing time, perhaps that has something to do with coverage? Regardless, Apple didn’t include LTE in the iPhone 4S, and it looks like that might have been the right call.

What do you think?

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  • Josh

    Aahh come on! I mean, I love Apple, iPhones, Steve Jobs and all, but don’t try to look for the bright side about iPhone not having LTE. Others have it, iPhone doesn’t, END OF STORY.

    • Brad

      Lol no, it’s not the end of the story. Look at what’s right in front of you. 2.8 hours on the thunderbolt? That’s atrocious! And besides, LTE is fast without a doubt, but it’s not so face meltingly fast that it makes the rediculously low battery life and bill premium acceptable or even forgivable. Not to mention it causes the phone to be a giant brick of plastic. Apple made the right call. LTE is an infantile, bullshit, trendy marketing device that techno spec one-uppers use as a rallying cry when it’s really a giant tattoo on your forehead that says I’ve been had.

    • JF

      Yea, its obviously a have it or not story… did you even read the article? Fail.

      • Eddie

        The mind of an apple fanboy is really strange. Maybe they should’ve left out 3G for edge and we’d get even better battery life.

        Dumb article. I turn off 3G all the time w SBsettings when I’m not using data could do same thing w 4g. Keep in mind most of these devices all have bigger screens

      • Richard W


        Well if you cast you mind back to the first iPhone they did, they left out 3G as the chips were too hungry at that time until they became efficient enough to put in the iPhone 3G.

        We all know LTE is a marketing gimmick come on. I’ll go for software optimisation, 3G and a better battery life and a slimmer phone anyday over 3.95G or whatever it is.

        That is at least until LTE or 4G become ubiquitous, cheap and efficient.

    • Jason

      My friend is always showing his LTE android phone and saying how fast it is, but i noticed he carries his charger EVERYWHERE…lol i like a fast devices, but if it will died on me before noon, i rather be slow and just abuse the work wifi lol.

  • sean

    if my download and browser is super fast AND it saves battery life , thats a +1 up

  • Smac

    They made the right choice. As always.

  • Control

    In related news, Android there usual end of the year Diherrhea and squirt out “10 new” devices. All with same fragmented crappy malware messy os with the side of LTE


  • just0

    Mobile is about speed and convenience. Who spends more than 20 min browsing on their iphone?? You’ll likely take to your laptop or desktop with heavy browsing. With that said, for mobile, you need speed – LTE.

    • Drewski

      Why the hell would I bring my laptop for? That’s why we have the iPad.

  • Soto

    When the fuck are these LTE chips are going to be mature enough for Apple?

    • MisterExx

      When they become as mainstream as 3G is. So basically, when 5G starts rolling out.

    • JF

      When they are good enough for consumers… and not tech nerd consumers that don’t mind carrying around 4 spare batteries to get through a day while lugging around thick plastic phones that really turn the girls on.

    • Jason

      not only power efficiency, but also size…the chips are very big and i don’t think apple wants to have a fat iPhone…next year probably they will release an LTE devices that is both slim, and power efficient and probably with a bigger screen, not because they want to give us bigger screens, but because the big screen makes room for a bigger battery.

  • Hspa+ still has amazing speeds and tones of room to grow. Expect hspa+ to be around for a while.

  • Tom

    Considering how the carriers have been dragging their feet here (Oz) it’s no loss.

  • Xenu

    Imagine the battery life without dou-core A5. Spin it however you want but consumers like speed. Any HSPA+ vs 4G vs LTE speedtests?

  • goofygreek

    I have to say, that chart feels about right. I have had an i4 for over a year, and i just recently got my samsung galaxy s2. It does have a shorter battery life, but not enough to complain about. Of course, compared to the iphone 4, the gs2 is a lot faster, and has a bigger screen. Plus running live widgets and wallpapers all the time really makes a difference on the battery. I used it quite a bit today, and it is still around 49% battery life. With the same things i did on the iphone, i was about 60%. So for the speed bump, plus HSPA+ support, the battery on the s2 is more than acceptable. i cant wait to swap the rom on my s2, that way i can underclock and overclock the cpu when needed. That will definitely increase the battery life.

  • Jamie

    Makes no difference to me I’m usally always around a wifi connection and if I’m not I’m out interacting with people so I don’t have the need to stream or such. And if the 4s matches what’s there now then great!

  • hdu gdu

    and u get angry when people call u fanboys?? i mean ur covering every hole that 4S has. “more speed, less time to browse” boom!

    • Beavis

      Your an idiot. Do you troll all boards that talk about the phone you wish your mommy and daddy got you?

  • anon

    Not having a super awesome GFX card to play BF3 with saves me hours of battery life on my laptop.

    but I could have been playing BF3………

    • Richard W

      @Anon isn’t the analogy more like you could have been playing BF3 at a better frame rate for less hours and only in certain parts of the country instead of playing at a lesser quality almost everywhere for longer?