Apple is finally releasing iOS 5.0 and iCloud to the public tomorrow. Both products was initially previewed to developers at Apple’s WWDC conference this past June.

After 7 consecutive developer betas, iOS 5 reached its final Gold Master version on October 4th. The public version drops tomorrow with iCloud. It’s time to get ready…

Update iTunes

Apple released iTunes 10.5 today, and you will need the latest version of iTunes to install iOS 5 and use iCloud. It’s best to make sure that you’re running the latest version of Lion on a Mac and that you’ve installed all of the available Apple updates on a Windows computer.

iCloud will be integrated in a Mac OS X Lion update and Apple Software Update on Windows that will probably be pushed out tomorrow. Make sure you install the latest updates on your desktop so that you can actually use both products.

Backup and Transfer Purchases

It’s crucial that you backup your content before you install an iOS update. Apps, music, movies, TV shows, ringtones, etc. will all get lost in the virtual ether if you don’t have an iOS backup to restore from after you download iOS 5.

When you plug in your iDevice, iTunes will automatically backup your content and iOS settings. After you install iOS 5, you should be able to restore your apps and configurations from your last backup. An iTunes prompt will come up during the iOS 5 update process.

For a big upgrade like iOS 5, we recommend starting with a clean slate. That means that your purchased content needs to be safely stored in iTunes so that you can sync it back on your device as you see fit. Right click your device in the iTunes sidebar and click the transfer purchases option to make sure you’re covered.

Jailbreakers can refer to our PKGBackup tutorial to learn how to backup Cydia packages.


Now is a good time to delete some of those apps that you know you’ll never use again. Do you really need that third beer drinking game? Probably not. Clean house before a large update and you’ll thank yourself later.

There’s a nifty app organize option in the “Apps” tab of your device window in iTunes. When you get iOS 5 installed, you can organize your apps into different folders and pages from there.

Also, now would be a good time to collect your friends’ Apple ID addresses so you can iMessage with them on iOS 5. You can easily add and update contacts in Address Book on the Mac and then sync them over in iTunes later.

Count the Costs

If you rely on a jailbreak, be cautious about this update. There isn’t an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 yet, and we don’t know how long it will take to release an untethered jailbreak. It shouldn’t take too long for 4th generation iPhone, iPod touch, and original iPad users, but devices with the A5 chip (like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S) may take a little longer to jailbreak on iOS 5.

If you’re ok with giving up your jailbreak temporarily, then go ahead and update to iOS 5. An iOS 5 jailbreak is being worked on as we speak. Most of us will be able to wait for an untethered jailbreak without killing ourselves.

Get Excited!

iOS 5 comes with over 200 new features, including Wi-Fi sync and backup, iCloud, iMessage, Notification Center, Newsstand, Reminders, Twitter integration, and Siri on the iPhone 4S.

Read our ultimate list of new iOS 5 features for more information.

iCloud allows users to seamlessly sync email, calendars, contacts, and iWork documents across your devices. Apps will use iCloud to store and sync data between your devices as well. iCloud and iTunes Match allow you to stream and download your music from any authorized device as many times as you want.

Stay tuned to iDB for breaking coverage on all of Apple’s releases tomorrow. It’s going to be a big day, folks!

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  • jennifer

    Thanks 😉

  • jennifer

    so where do you get your apple id

    • Gary

      On iOS 5 device or OS X Lion, sign up for an account.

      • jennifer

        is that where you get your itunes id?

      • jennifer

        so it is my email address

      • Gary

        No, I am a MobileMe user.

      • jennifer

        I am too

      • Gary

        For a new ID, you need to sign up from an iOS5 device or using OS X Lion 10.7.2 system preferences. Both should be released by afternoon.

      • jennifer

        i just went to my mobile me account and it is making me create a new apple id??

      • Gary

        You can convert MobileMe to iCloud by entering your primary e-mail address at, which then would take you to your MobileMe sign-in site and start the conversion process.

      • Gary

        You can convert MobileMe to iCloud by entering your primary e-mail address at the iCloud web site, which then would take you to your MobileMe sign-in site and start the conversion process. Not yet though; try later today.

      • jennifer

        it won’t cancel now???

      • Gary

        You probably typed your username without the part, right?

      • jennifer

        yeah, my email address

      • jennifer

        it is for finding my iphone

      • Gary

        Don’t worry, just quit your web browser, get some chocolate, a glass of water and some hot calming tea, and try and get some sleep 🙂

      • Gary

        You can convert MobileMe to iCloud later today by entering your primary e-mail address (including the part) at the iCloud web site, which then would take you to your MobileMe sign-in site and start the conversion process.

      • jennifer

        then do i have the find my iphone part for the mobile me wrong??

      • jennifer

        where do you put the part lets say me email is so the would it be Sorry I’m really not this stupid and no I am not a blonde

      • Gary

        Use your full e-mail address, such as jennifer at me dot com, not just jennifer. The full address is your Apple ID. Use that to setup iCloud on your iOS 5 device.

      • Gary

        It is possible to have a non address as an Apple ID. You might have one like that if all you use is Find my iPhone, and not the paid MobileMe service. If so, use such non address with your iOS device to setup iCloud, upon which you will be prompted to create a new e-mail address for use with iCloud Mail. You can continue logging in to iCloud with either e-mail address.

      • jennifer

        what is at me mean

      • jennifer

        OK gottcha…..

      • Gary

        An e-mail address that ends with

      • jennifer

        Thank you so much for your help 🙂
        I used to have the 1st droid and it only lasted a yr. It totally sucked!!
        This is my 1st iphone.

  • Marulo28

    My komputer says… 18 oct next update!!!!!!!! ( mexico)

    • Gary

      That is the next schedule check to see if an update is available, not the next release date for an update!

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    Phone to phone

    • Gary

      I know cheap, not free. Try the iPhone app from Reliance Global Call.

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        I want free, but thanks…I guess I ‘ll have to stick with skype

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    I won’t give up my Jailbreak….not even for a minute….I ‘ll wait the untethered on iOS5 or maybe I will get the iPhone 4S…don’t know yet.

  • would ultrasnow get an update to unlock iOS 5 3gs devices ?

    • TheHero


    • Alex

      “Any iOS 4.x.x or lower device where ultrasn0w works, also works in iOS5 (even iPad BB on 3GS). But *please wait* for our update!”!/musclenerd


    • iMarc

      Ultrasn0w Will probably be updated but it Will still only be able to unlock the basebands currently unlockable. If you need to preserve your bb for an unlock then it’s best to wait.

  • i0n1c said there is an untethered for ios 5…;)

  • jona

    einfache frage: ab wieviel uhr kann ich ENDLICH mein iphone auf ios 5 updaten?? wenn ich auf “nach updates suchen” gehe erscheint nur die meldung dass ich bereits die neuste versions (4.3.5) besitze. kann mir jemand sagen um welche zeit es geht?? danke

    • in englisch wärs wahrscheinlich leichter zu verstehn und auch klüger, da des hier, falls dus noch nich bemerkt hast ne englische seite is;D

    • Max Bl.

      When exactly is iOS 5 coming out? When i go on ”search for Updates” iTunes tell me, I have already the newest Version (4.3.5). Can anybody tell me, when iOs 5 is EXACTLY coming out? (Maybe in German Tiime) ;D

      Wäre so ungefähr die Übersetzung, vielleicht antwortet ja einer 🙂

  • svnelvn

    I want to start fresh with IOS 5
    is there a way to back up only the contacts and email accounts only?
    i don’t want the jailbreak settings to be backed up together

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      theres is an app for that” hahahah just kidding

      but search for backupandshare on app store, thats a good app to backup contacts, install that app sign up and log in and theres is two options “restore” or “backup” is very easy 😀

      • svnelvn

        thank you!

  • jennifer

    Is it out yet?

  • Charles

    I’m on iOS 5 beta 7 and iTunes says this is the latest update. How do I get to the final release of iOS 5? Should I put the GM on first?

  • Bill

    So if I upgrade to iOS5 and jailbreak, do I need to reinstall all my cydia tweaks and apps, or is there a better way to restore them? from for a back up or something?

    • Nick Chambers

      Read the whole article.

  • Casey

    What if I use@ gmail for my apple id, but I use for my calendars, and contacts. What should I do then?

  • Wizzywas

    Can jailbreaks Downgrade back to 4.3.3 with their SHSH Blobs?

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  • popay

    iOS 5 is out u can update 🙂 atm 40% downloaded

  • Dylan

    What’s the source of that iPad wallpaper? I really like it and want to use it!

  • JonesFam

    I GOT IT!!! 🙂 2 HRS REMAINING :/

  • Kathy

    Miami has it!

    • Jeff

      Did anyone else get a complete system restore instead? I did… Worst Apple rollout ever.

      • Ozziee

        I did aswell, and iTunes keep giving errors and I have no freaking idea how to get back into my iPhone… Fucking amazing.. >.>

  • Stuart

    I’ve installed iOS 5 and iCloud but have two iCloud mail boxes (one with the iCloud icon and the other me icon). Did I do something wrong during install ?? I also don’t have all of the apps and I think during install that process was stopped … is there a way to fix this? Thanks

  • Stuart

    I’ve installed iOS 5 and iCloud but have two iCloud mail boxes (one with the iCloud icon and the other me icon). Did I do something wrong during install ?? I also don’t have all of the apps and I think during install that process was stopped … is there a way to fix this?

  • John

    Same crap here. How can we get the lost apps and data back.
    This really incredibly bad.

  • Marcthpro

    Same here I want my Infinity BLADE SAVE GAME !

  • SoCoMagNuM

    I used pkgbackup jailbreak app to backup my game saves, did a fresh install of iOS 5 then jailbroke, installed pkgbackup and restored my gamesaves that way. Got to keep my data 🙂 there’s a tutorial here on the site that goes indepth on the matter. Saved my life (well the time I spent on some games lol). Plus my phone runs alot smoother from having fresh install rather than restoring old phone data