The guys that brought us the banned iPhone 4 promo videos are back at it! They’re even funnier than last year. I can’t get enough of these videos.

My favorite part starts at about 35 seconds in, when the drunk VP of Siri talks about the assistant who “listens to you, and understands you, and doesn’t judge you, it doesn’t f***ng nag you about why you’re so late coming home from work”…


  • topsy

    Love it. That is the truth. Apple said they improved on what is already in the market. Common. Duo Core is not improvement, 8 Mega-pixel is not. What exactly is the improvement they are talking about.

    • Jeff

      Does your iPhone4 have a dual-core processor? Does it have an 8MP camera? No. That is the improvement…..

      • giraffe

        Does every top end phone that came out in the last two months have that? Yes. There is no improvement over the competition

  • goofygreek

    eh, wasn’t as good as there last one about the iphone 4.

    • QuarterSwede

      I found it much more clever.

  • erydan

    Why the hell would you put a picture of a youtube video above the actual video?

    I won’t say how many times I clicked on it, but it was definitely, at least, as annoying as all those “IPhone 5” rumors that we had to suffer through.

    • MrA



    • goofygreek

      lmao. i did the same thing. I was like, what the hell is going on. then i scrolled down to realize im an idiot.

  • video was pretty funny; good laugh on a friday.thnx seb hahah

  • pn2bade

    Pretty good. They should have used the real Siri voice though. Could have downloaded the jailbreak voice Action Menu plugin and used that instaid of the one they used. (It was from Gary’s Mod right?)

  • I also clicked like 3 times in the image of the video -.-

  • QuarterSwede

    Pure gold.

    Kent: “You see Beth, she’s just my assistant. She’s not even real.”
    Siri: “You f***ing bastard.”
    Kent: “No, no, I wasn’t talking about you. I invented you … of course you’re real.”

  • Hhhggjkllllhj

    Well, a new iphone model now for every +1 megapixel :((

    • MrA

      Your comment makes no sense.

  • Dimz

    “what you think we’re gonna make the processor slower? F*kn idiots” haha that was gold.

  • afra33

    The only reason Apple didn’t show an iPhone 5 with a 4″ screen this year but only an updated iPhone 4 is because Apple designed the iPhone 5 with an embedded SIM card and the carriers said no way! This was back in May since the iPhone 5 was going to be released in June. Apple then had to redesign the iPhone 5 in order to make room for a SIM card hence the delay and later they realized they couldn’t get this on time and just slapped a bigger chip on the iPhone 4 and called it the iPhone 4S. This makes all sense now.

    • iMarc

      Don’t be fooled. There was never going to be an iPhone 5 this time round, the business plan was always going to be an improved iPhone 4. Logically it doesn’t make sense to redesign and make a top quality new handset in such a short space of time, don’t you agree?

  • ImageFail

    Tried tapping the image too. Lol.

  • Meh.