Don’t have time to watch the one and a half hour long iPhone 4S keynote? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Cult of Mac released a short and sweet video that goes over the entire keynote in just about 90 seconds…

As a side note, the full keynote can now be downloaded for free as a podcast from iTunes.

  • str8evil

    Squirrel?!? o_O lmaooo…

    • fdxgncgfn

      just like in up the movie(BTW, Steve owns Pixar which makes Up)

    • Jon

      I laughed real loud when he said squirrel as well! Lmao!!!

  • 877

    Ha squirrel indeed ..

  • topsy

    Everybody in that auditorium were sure disappointed. It was so quiet. Now I know why they slated that venue. Nothing tangible to give. Very disappointed at Apple.
    So all those iPhone cases, this case, that case,were all lie. God bless America.

    • Dave

      Yea except all those cases were made in China x_x

      • Spencer

        Best thing is….. When I upgrade I can keep my iPhone 4 case and just put it on my new iPhone 4S….. Hooraaay!!!

  • Mario

    Squirrel! Lol … creepy but very informative, I got the point.

  • Ando

    who wears a raincoat?

  • Tomas

    uhm…. Squirrel it is I guess!

  • zYx

    Disappointing. Very.

  • Martin

    “””squirrel””” is the best part! LOL

  • vince


  • Zahaan

    i love the squirrel part