Apple announced a 8 megapixel camera for the iPhone 4S yesterday, and full-res photos taken on the 4S have been provided on Apple’s website for comparison.

Needless to say, the quality of the camera on the 4S is absolutely stunning. The photos you are about to see have allegedly not been tampered with, and it’s obvious that the 4S competes with most point-and-shoot cameras on the market. Some would even say that DSLRs have a new competitor…

You can click on each image to view the full 3264 x 2448 resolution version, weighing in at about 2-3MB. There are more examples on Apple’s website.

Also, as MacRumors notes, that sushi photo that made the rounds in the blogosphere weeks ago was actually taken on a 4S. The 4S camera includes HDR features, face detection, Photo Stream, improved optics, and faster shutter speed.

The iPhone 4S shoots video in 1080p HD.

Pretty incredible, huh?


  • Incredible! Can’t wait!!

  • Radu

    It’s BS. They want you to believe they made everything so much better and make you spend the money on a 4S while they are already planning the iphone 5 (or whatever they wanna call it). The 4S is just a big disappointment in my eyes. I’m more than happy with my iPhone 4, and I don’t need a phone that ‘listens to me and understands me’, that’s what I’ve got friends for 🙂

    • The iPhone 4S is twice as powerful as the iPhone 4. That’s the largest processor change we’ve seen between generations; heck, it’s bigger than the change between the original iPhone and the iPhone 4! If that’s not enough than you need to re-evaluate your priorities. I understand if you’re happy with your current iPhone 4, but that’s no reason to be intentionally ignorant.

      • James

        What he said is correct, I have an iPhone 4 and I compared a picture I took to the 1’s on Apple’s website and they don’t look any different at all, granted, at night the iPhone doesn’t excel and without testing the 4S I can’t say anything but in well lit daylight shots the pictures weren’t any different.

      • James

        My comment is purely about the camera quality btw not the phone itself or processors etc etc.

  • Alex

    Looks pretty amazing. I have a nagging sensation in my stomach though, that suddenly everyone in Instagram will be ‘popular’ now.

  • NIce pictures however the video I’m confused with
    I thought full 1080p hd was shot at 60fps
    If it’s shot at 30fps sureley it’s no better that the 720p hd we have now ?

    • Joest

      1080p refers to the resolution the video was shot at, not the framerate. Technically, you could have it filmed at 4 FPS and it still be 1080p video.

      • Thanks joest shame it’s not 60fps tho 🙂

    • Ehsan

      Ehh no ?!

    • Ehsan

      Are u plannin shootin some fast moving objects so you can replay them slower just to watch if you missed something? 30fps is fast enough for our eyes for normal daily video recording.

    • Actually 1080p is the number of horizontal lines. The P stands for progressive scan instead of interlaced scanning.. more or less progressive scan delivers a full images worth of data per each frame and interlaced means you only get 1/2 an image per each frame :]

  • subb

    I want to see it side by side with 4, … see the difference and then I’ll be convinced.

  • Jim

    Increidible? mmm I question that, can be increidible if you compare to Iphone 4 but what about comparing it to HTC and Samsung phones where those phones are carrying tis 8MP Camera since 1 year ago. Iphone 4s sucks, Apple has not put anything innovative on top of the android smartphone, i´m big fucking dissapointed!

    • Joest

      Those cameras suck. If you’ve ever used the iPhone 4’s camera, you would know that (Other than the Nokia N8), it has the best camera of any phone on the market. Megapixels aren’t everything, and Apple knows this. Notice how they were touting the sensors and lenses in the press conference; not the amount of pixels contained in the sensor.

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      if you want examples, nokia has in its N’s something phone with 8 MP carl zei’s camera since 2006

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        but many phone may have a high MP but it doesn’t mean they all have a high quality pic
        I had a nokia 6600 in 2005 with a vga cam and those pics were much better that many 1.2MP pic token with other phones, of course you have to have some notion on how to take pictures too

  • mripod64

    i wonder how much these will be off contract….

    • Ken

      $649 for factory unlock iPhone 4S over Apple Canada website.

  • Christopher

    @Jim ehh… nothing innovative? – try Siri for a start… plus theres the A5 processor ( 7x faster than iPhone 4 ), to list a few…

    • DomPerignon

      Hmmm…. It’s clear that you don’t know the meaning of the word innovation.

    • Jim

      That is exactly what I am saying, it is innovative if you compare to Iphone 4, but come on, open your eyes, Samsung galaxy, HTC, even LG have a dual core processor faster than A5 so if you think apple is innovative you are just a mere Apple fan boy, not a tech savvy!

  • Cam

    Please tell me your joking… These images don’t even come close to a DSLR. For the purposes of a phone yes, the camera’s pretty good but if you actually think these images are anything even in the same ball park as a DSLR, you’re clearly not using your DSLR properly…

    • I was being a tad sarcastic, yes.

      • Irha

        Sarcastic? You were clearly over-excited. With 10x and more optical zoom, wide angle lenses and dual/hybrid IS lenses becoming more and more common in compact and even sub-compact cameras, it is silly to think iphone 4S can replace all. The only reason cameras on phones are useful is because of of the availability.

    • Cameron Carlyon

      Can you maybe do something with your name or something Cam, people might get us confused that’s all…

      • Cam

        Yeah that’s a bit of a worry. I wouldn’t want to get confused with someone who would spend money on an iPhone 4S…..

  • Damn. Now I want one :(.

  • Ben

    What about showing us indoor shots and poor lighting shots so that we can see what it’s capable of and then compare it to a DSLR

    • Matt

      ^ Totally agree with this. I want to see some shitty lighting and indoor shots. My ip4 takes wonderful outdoor shots of things that don’t require a zoom, but if you zoom in or have to take an indoor picture, it’s about the quality of a Big Foot photo 🙁

  • Apple fan

    I wonder how the 1st photo was taken obviously without iPhone zooming capabilities!! How did they manage to place the phone so close to the squirrel without it’s knowledge? Obviously, these shots are not casual but planned by apple themselves. What do you think?

    • Jacob Nørgaard

      I was just wondering that myself. No way that’s a normal “oh look, a squirrel, I’ll bring out my iPhone 4S and snap a quick one”-picture.

  • Cameron Carlyon

    Minor upgrade or not don’t matter; I need a new phone anyways…

    Cameron Carlyon

  • Joe

    Nothing Beats an optical zoom. It might be solid phone camera for normal day to day pictures but it doesn’t replace most point and shoot cameras. Needless to say they did a good job improving the camera.

  • Jason

    IPhone is a good phone don’t get me wrong. But. Its not the best by a long shot. I mean, look at Samsung GLX S2 its the Best smartphone by far, compare it with any phone in the same range and you will see. Apple didn’t need to make an iPhone 5 this year because they know that they have millions of fans that will make them even more millions of $ this year. Tell you one thing though. Watch out for windows phone 7. Haters be warned.

  • Nomi

    everyone here is ignorant iphone 4s owns

    • James

      You’re a douchebag, have you ever heard of punctuation ??

  • slowpoke

    exif data checks out, id say these are legit