Things are just getting wrapped up at Apple’s iPhone event. After giving the audience a rundown of its new flagship handset, the iPhone 4S, Phil Schiller (Apple’s senior vice president of marketing) started naming off prices.

The new iPhone will remain the same price as previous models. The iPhone 4S starts at $199 for the 16GB, and you’ll put down another $100 for the 32GB. And both models are available (of course) in black and white. But that’s not all…

The rumors are true, Apple unveiled a third iPhone model — the 64GB, but it’ll cost you. The top-of-the-line iPhone 4S costs a cool $399, which is just $100 less than an iPad 2. But the iPhone 4S won’t be the only smartphone in Apple’s lineup.

The Cupertino company is keeping its two previous iPhone models around, offering the 8GB 3GS for free, and an 8GB iPhone 4 for $99. As usual, all pricing above is with a two-year contract with your carrier. Talk about covering all the bases.

  • James

    Fuck 2 year contracts, with the way technologhy and smartphones are advancing, who wants to be tied down for 24 months .. 12 month contracts in the UK all the way

    • Selcuk


    • dan

      True that

  • wanazou

    I’m so dissapointed…
    I hoped for an iphone 5, but if it’s only a ,,small better Version” of the iphone 4, i may be go and get an HTC or something else instead :'(

    • Lian

      Small upgrade to the 4? This is a huge upgrade from the 4. The camera / network & cpu are huge. The 3GS was a minor upgrade but this is much bigger. Also with the suite of iCloud /iOS5 /Siri & Match. I’m not fanboi and I wanted a 5 as much as everyone else. I just like the fact it was a minor speed boost like the 3GS.

  • Danny

    Small? you don’t know what are you talking about….

  • Ethan


    • Jason


    • Eric

      Hell yea…

  • Nomi

    iphone rules

  • Nomi

    iphone rules.

  • Érico

    and how about the prices with no carrier? is it possible?

  • Eric

    Steve Jobs……come back !!!!

  • Jim

    Very big fucking dissapointed!!

  • Suresh

    What is the price for unlocked 4s without contract

    • Érico

      i have the same question. on the official apple site you see only the price for iphone 4 unlocked and nothing about i4s. other countries already are offering i4s without contract… i’m not sure if apple stores in usa will offer i4s unlocked this time.

  • Gringo

    Steve where are you?????!!!