You’ve heard that a new iPhone is coming out, and you want to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade with your carrier. For those that don’t buy off contract, early upgrade fees can be extremely expensive for smartphones like the iPhone.

There’s actually a really easy way to check your upgrade eligibility from your iPhone on AT&T. Verizon lets customers check eligibility from its website. Here’s how to see if you’re eligible for an iPhone upgrade…


You can easily check your upgrade eligibility from your current AT&T iPhone. Dial “*639#” in your Phone app and call the number. AT&T will tell you that “a message will be sent to your phone.” You should immediately get a SMS message with the details on your upgrade eligibility and contract commitment.

It’s unclear as to how AT&T determines early upgrade fees, but TUAW notes that the more you spend on your iPhone, the more likely you are to receive favor from the AT&T gods. Obviously, a two-year contract will be part of the deal.

I’ve personally had multiple experiences where AT&T retail employees have been able to fudge the early upgrade date to offer an early iPhone purchase at a reasonable price. When you’re in the store, negotiating and complaining can sometimes cut you a deal on early upgrade fees, but it all depends.


iPhone users on Verizon can call “#UPG” or “#874” to quickly check eligibility. Verizon’s website will also show the information under the “My Verizon” page. Each phone tied to your account will be displayed with its upgrade eligibility date.

If you are eligible for an iPhone upgrade, make sure to check out our list of tips for reselling your used iPhone. Retailers are offering reasonable prices for iPhone buybacks, and people continue to get good offers for used iPhones on sites like Craigslist.

You can always just pay the extra $200 for an early iPhone upgrade.

Let us know your experience with early iPhone upgrades in the comments below. Will you be upgrading to the new iPhone after it’s unveiled next week?

  • The 639# code didnt work for me. Get a request unknown error.

    • MrA

      Don’t forget the asterik


  • Patrick

    It doesn’t work for me on AT&T, it loads and then says ,”Request unknown, please try again” 🙁

  • Michael

    Its *639# He had a spelling mistake. big suprise.

  • Lucas K.

    It’s *639# for AT&T.

  • Ah nice. Thanks

  • Lilirose


  • Patrick

    Got it, gotta wait till 12/31/2011 🙁

  • Gus

    I think it may also depend on how long you’ve been an AT&T customer. I’ve been with them for over 15 years and have gotten my upgrade fee waived for as long as I can remember. And a reminder which has already been stated before, it’s “*639#”. Good luck…

  • Ron Brock

    I keep getting error messages when i try it from an ATT iphone

    • Gus

      It’s “*639″”, original post was missing the “*”.

  • For AT&T it’s “*639#” doesn’t work with out the star.

  • whtlime

    Yup . . . this year’s iPhone release will be a painful watch. Trying to get out this “contract business”, and I still have a year left on my 3GS. It’ll be worth the wait, coming from a 3GS to an iPhone 6.

  • I fixed it folks. Sorry for the mistake.

  • David

    12-13-2012!!! Are you kidding me!:(

  • Shannon

    I’m not eligible for a full discount but I can get a discounted iPhone for 250 plus signing on to a new 2 yr contract

    • Lucas Kunert

      That’s what I got, too. Pretty much paying full price for the phone at that rate though 😛

  • Micke

    Paid full price for my iPhone 4, and will do so with the next one as well.

    I don’t like being tied to a company, I want my device to be MY DEVICE.

    • Scaredy Shroom

      So you switch phone carriers every year? I would hate to be your friends.

      And what’s the big fuss about contracts anyway? You are going to pay them the same amount on a month to month and you get a GREAT deal on the subsidy.

    • Micke

      I don’t have a contract, I use a prepaid SIM.

      And if you get the iPhone on a contract, you end up paying way more for it.

      • Scaredy Shroom

        O rly? And how exactly am I paying more for it? I’m paying for data that I would be paying even if I had bought the device unsubsidized. There is virtually no benefit to getting pre-paid over a 2 year contract because you pay the same monthly fees for minutes.

        You sir, fail at analysis.

  • coach

    I’m good to go!! Hooray!

  • John

    Same. 639# not recognized.

    • Dusean

      Star 639 pound /*639#

  • Dusean

    My 2 years contract has ended , so I know I’m due for a full upgrade

  • Trevor

    I thought this was iPhone in Canada website? What about Canadian Carriers? Hook a canuck up brother! 🙂

  • Leon

    awww, 01/06/2012… =(

  • JT

    Does anyone one know if that when they release the iPhone 5 they may just offer the $18 upgrade fee and a new 2year contract for anyone with the iPhone 4?

  • Lee

    Been upgrade eligible for MONTHS… story of most people’s lives right now. Waiting on the 5.

    • Mona

      I was eligible for months also but then the rep talked me into changing my plan to less minutes and save a few bucks. Guess what? they took away my full upgraded and changed it to the +250 upgrade. sheesh!!

  • Jack

    I wouldn’t fret, for the past couple of years AT&T was allowing early upgrades for up to a year on the past iPhones , I would expect them to offer the same deal.

  • Bobby

    When I tried it, it sent me to Justin biebers voice mail

    • david


  • sOleFresh

    yeait stands for *NEW#

  • xela

    if your full upgrade date is in 2011, will they let you get the new iPhone for a full discounted price like they did last year?