Apple started initially approving app compatibility updates for iOS 5 back in August. With iOS 5 set for a public release next week at the earliest, Apple is continuing to approve more iOS 5 compatibility updates for popular apps in the App Store.

Microsoft’s Photosynth application received an update today that brings iOS 5 compatibility. What app will be next to receive a compatibility update for Apple’s unreleased software?

As you can see, iOS 5 compatibility has been added to Photosynth in the update’s release notes alongside some other minor changes. Photosynth version 1.1.1 is available in the App Store for free. The app allows you to create panoramic photography by stitching together multiple shots on your iPhone.

Let us know if you spot any more iOS 5 compatibility updates in the App Store over the weekend. With Apple’s iPhone event scheduled for Tuesday, the public release of iOS 5 is right around the corner. Multiple reports suggest that the software will be made available to everyone on or before October 10th.

(Thanks, Nate!)

  • Ahmad

    DocScan got iOS 5 update

  • And yet another sign that it draws ever so closer. I have a feeling we’re still in for a few surprises come Tuesday. I have my popcorn ready.

    • anthonyappleguy

      I love your avatar 😛

  • RAP

    Gamefly also got an update with iOS 5 compatibility

  • AMB

    iOS5 is COMINGGGGG!!!!!

  • Justin

    Just so you know, this isn’t that big of a deal. As has been stated before, these updates only fix crashes/issues related to iOS5 and are NOT iOS5 feature apps. Apple has not invited developers to start submitting apps with the 5.0 SDK, there is not a Gold Master yet.

    It’s not like apple all of the sudden just started “allowing” ios5 compatibility updates. You could have posted an iOS5 update on the first day it was out, Apple only cares that it works on the current firmwares.

    This is not news.

  • Justin
  • Justin

    Apple is explicitly NOT allowing apps built against the iOS5 SDK to be published in the app store.

  • Aineel

    Holy Bible by Paul Avery got an update with iOS 5 integration

  • Tonie

    iBook with an icloud fonction (sorry i’m french^^).