If you go to Cydia today and visit the “Featured” section, you’re going to see some nice changes. The page now lists some sponsored apps, and also Featured Extensions and Tweaks that are worth a look.

Bringing some much needed organization to Cydia, this Featured Extensions and Tweaks section is probably the most interesting part of this makeover…

With so many packages available in Cydia, it’s sometimes hard to go through all that’s available. The sheer volume of apps and tweaks in Cydia and the way it’s all organized makes it hard to find new, worthy apps.

This new sections aims at weeding out the fluff to focus on the best of the best. Divided into several categories, you get a selection of hand picked and highly recommended jailbreak tweaks.

I’m not sure when this Featured section was redesigned, and I probably wouldn’t find out about it if it wasn’t for a tip from iDB reader Dsteven.

UPDATE: Saurik’s assistant tells me this new feature was pushed yesterday.

What do you think of the new changes to Cydia?

  • Lilirose

    Its nice!

  • Dsteven

    just a couple hours ago for all i know btw i mest up and spelled my name wrong it’s Dsteven

  • pn2bade

    Might also want to mention that the info on what version is jailbreakable has finally been updated.

  • masterphantom

    Its awesome but i cant download anything right now, i looked it up and many other people are having the same problem. can anyone help?