Just like Verizon did last week, T-Mobile has submitted an amicus curiae to the court, officially siding with Samsung in its ongoing litigation against Apple. For the non-lawyers, an amicus curiae is when someone volunteers to offer information to assist a court in deciding on an issue.

T-Mobile’s argument is similar to Verizon’s. Both company don’t want to see any of their best-selling 4G devices banned during the holiday season. Obviously, it would be a huge loss for the carriers, who generate a big chunk of revenue from this time of the year…

FOSS Patents sheds more light on the matter:

“In my report on Verizon’s letter I already said that Verizon’s formal limitation of its argument to the one software patent asserted by Apple wasn’t credible. T-Mobile is forthright about its opposition to an injunction on any ground, whether based on the software patent or any or all of the three asserted design patents.

T-Mobile’s motion to shorten time (for the exchange of pleadings with respect to its proposal to appear as a “friend of the court”) refers to Apple’s objections against the timing of Verizon’s submission, and argues that an accelerated process is needed to ensure that T-Mobile can participate in the October 13 hearing. However, T-Mobile doesn’t really explain why it files its submission now and didn’t do so a while ago. After all, Apple’s motion for a preliminary injunction was filed on July 1.”

Could this have anything to do with T-Mobile not having the iPhone? Probably not, but the timing sure is coincidental.

It’s all about money. It doesn’t take a finance genius to figure out that large amounts of money are at stake, and this is the only motivation for Verizon and T-Mobile’s move. You can’t blame them for taking sides with Samsung.

  • Dylan

    If tmobile wants the iPhone this isn’t the way to do it

    • Bullet


      • Davewcoble

        I agree and Verizon could get it’s contract with apple yanked out I’m sure apple has a clause n it’s contract saying it can cancel their contract at any time

  • Albioni

    Wow wow wow. Are u guys a bunch of kids or what???? If not than u must be ignorant.
    You think verizon or t-mobile need apple more than samsung? Apple is desperate at this point with one phone a year which cannot even keep up anymore with the likes of samsung, that has at least 5 diferent phones at all prices low-high. Thats what carriers need.
    If it was for apple all u mo-fo’s would be with an iphone 2g right now and waiting for a 3mp camera. Apple wanted to relese one feature at a time with each phone, but plane changed because they were threatend from sumsung and co along with google. Apple is the most evel company out of them all

  • Binary-Stalker

    Keep in mind Samsung produces multiple brands a year, while Apple exclusively does one, explaining that.

  • Binary-Stalker

    Also, the features were not added due to Samsung and Google, but due to customer demand.

  • Albioni

    Theydidnt give a shit what costumer demended. But they lost all their costumers because everybody was and is leaving to better phone and better os. Thats why thwy were forced

  • Polemicist

    Wow… Well that is amusing. Why does Apple do this? *shrugs* Hmmm… I did a search and was amused to find a Wiki dedicated to Apple’s litigation’s


    and one page that really made me laugh…


    Good for a chuckle.

    The court also pointed out that many of Apple’s claims fail on an originality basis. Apple admittedly licensed many of its representations from Xerox, and copyright protection only extends to original expression. Apple returned to its “complete look and feel” argument, stating that while the individual components were not original, the complete GUI was. The court rejected these arguments because the parts were not original.

    🙂 Love things like that. 🙂