It’s finally happened, folks. Apple has officially announced its next iPhone event to take place on October 4th. The Loop reports that Apple has sent out invites saying that the event will be held on October 4th at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters campus, as was previously reported.

The message simple says: “Let’s talk iPhone.

The event will be held at 10:00 am PT.

Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone will significant spec upgrades and the secret iOS 5 feature called “Assistant.” It’s also rumored that Apple will introduce a cheaper, re-tooled iPhone 4 or a 3G-capable iPod touch.

Mark your calendars! And stay tuned to iDB for coverage!

Who’s excited?

  • OCD Steve Jobs


  • Axl

    Oo me me I’m so going to be glued to this site for more info hope you guys are going too go live on that day.

    • Yes, the team will be updating as quickly as we can 🙂

  • About time!

  • Mark

    Do we take the “1” on the announcement to mean there is only 1 iPhone model coming out – not 2?

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      it means, 1 day to wait (oct 5th) when everyone will be given a free iphone 5 to make a phone call

  • YES! Can’t wait….

  • Josh

    Ok, now finally. THANKS, iDB, THANKS!

    PS: And thanks for those two How-to videos. Back to the old days! 🙂

  • jo-macral

    Looks like I know what my wife and I are getting this year for xmas 😉

  • Renzik

    it’s show time!!! Thanks

  • Eric


  • Josh

    Ok, so let me explain it to you (if you didn’t get it already):

    1. Tuesday, 4th of October
    2. 10:00
    3. Apple Cupertino HQ, 1 Infinite Loop
    4. One phone

    “Let’s talk iPhone”

  • sean

    yeeesssss, my 3gs is fried so now im on my 2007 original iphone (resilient fucker), cant wait for iphone 5

  • samsung lawyer

    1 missed call from samsung lawyer

    • @Max_Kas


  • Seannyx

    I don’t know whether to be excited or not…
    Mean yeh cool if it’s an new phone..
    But if it’s a 4Gs then I’m sorry but that’s disappointing.

  • AT&T Actual Employee

    All I care about is making money out of it… Otherwise, Android is the way. 😉

  • i’m getting ready to go to the ny’s apple store right now

  • Ershad

    I believe “Let’s talk iPhone” also means the new assistant feature… which is like lets start talking to iphone… isn’t it??

  • Prince Mo

    Ohh my god I just bought an I phone 4 two three weeks ago, what to do now!!!

    • whtlime

      Return it.

    • Dylan

      Return it NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! You can return it within a month.

  • Will

    Yeah I bought one yesterday cuzz somebody stoled mine . 30 days to return it = )

    • kurt

      ‘stoled” haha

  • Whats the european ti,e for this event?

    • 877

      10am pt is gmt-7 summertime which is 5pm in UK if I understand correctly.

  • Antho

    Finally anyone know when it’s coming in Canada 🙂

  • RICH

    Cant wait to buy it sorry iphone 4 but ur staying behing in the cabnet with the rest of ur bros lol

  • David Rangel

    Hey guys, thanks for all the info o gladly appreciate it. I just wanted to know, would I be able to get iOS 5 for my IPod Touch 4G that same day the Apple event is going to be held?

  • Chris

    Thank the lord. I’ve been waiting for this since summer. I love apple gadgets and can’t wait to see what the next iPhone has in store for us