Guess what mobile platform dominates Wi-Fi usage in airports?

Well, the title of the post gave it all away. But yes, according to hotspot provider Boingo, iOS represents as much as 83% of mobile usage in some airports…

“iOS has a commanding market share of mobile devices actively using Wi-Fi in those same venues, representing more than 83% of mobile total. Android more than tripled its market share from 2010, but is still a distant fourth place to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.”

What’s up, Android?

  • Josh

    Meh. Maybe true, but it’s not something I would be proud of, since it’s not the coolest fact ever nor do I care about it.

  • BB

    Nowadays, I’m using my iPad more often at airports than my laptop, so the iPad numbers may be taking some of the share from Windows users accessing wifi at airports.

  • kyle

    Android gained 8% while iOS held steady. Hmmmm, Android is gaining.

    • kyle

      Sorry, bad math on my part. iOS had to give up market share for Android to gain. Not exactly holding steady, but definitely has the majority of the market share.

      • Dylan

        Only the iPod touch is losing traction. iPad gained 12% and iPhone still gained 2%

  • Kikaida

    Maybe Android users would rather use their 4G connection? 😉