Last night we told you about a report from The New York Times quoting multiple Apple employees that a “fairly different” iPhone 5 was only “just weeks away.” The report didn’t specifically mention the rumor of Apple announcing two new iPhone models at once, and now 9to5Mac is claiming that there are some interesting developments in the iPhone 5 department.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is indeed working on two iPhone models, but the iPhone 5 design has seen production delays. While a re-tooled iPhone 4 will be available this Fall, a completely redesigning iPhone 5 won’t be seen until early 2012…

First, the good news:

“We’ve heard that there are indeed two different models of iPhone coming out next month (announced this month?)  We still think October 7th is the scheduled release date give or take any delays.  We’ve heard the low-end model, which is essentially an iPhone 4 look-alike (glass front and back), is rolling off the assembly line in big numbers right now.  Apple expects to have 10+ million of these things on hand for launch and full ramped production into the holiday shopping season.  These will be priced aggressively and be everywhere. They will also be offered in both prepaid and post paid plans.”

Now, the bad news:

“It appears that the tear-drop shaped iPhone 5 with larger screen and thinner, rounder body is seeing continued design and production delays, at least on one assembly line (Apple has multiple production sources – Pegatron, Foxconn, etc).  We therefore think that iPhone 5 will be delayed slightly at the very least and may see shortages all the way into 2012.”

9to5Mac goes on to reaffirm previous reports that the iPhone 5 will feature a gorgeous ‘teardrop’ design and be “impossibly light.” The camera on the device will allegedly rival most point and shoot cameras, and the iPhone 5 will likely feature an aluminum frame and back.

Case leaks from yesterday strongly indicate a significant redesign for the iPhone 5.

For the past 4 years, Apple has always introduced an iPhone in the summer. This year is different, so everything is up in the air. Speculation and leaked information starts pouring out during the weeks leading up to an Apple announcement, and Apple has yet to send out invites to the event.

It’s important to note that Apple has taken over a year to hold an iPhone announcement, so it’s a huge gamble to say that the smartphone maker won’t introduce a device that leapfrogs the market all over again. It’s highly unlikely that Apple would simple relaunch the iPhone 4 this Fall and wait until 2012 to pull out the big guns.

What would you think if Apple chose to not unveil the iPhone 5 at its next announcement? If your 3GS contract just expired, would you wait till 2012, or just go ahead and upgrade?

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  • Tbv

    Very disappointing if this is true. A few people will be jumping on the Samsung Galaxy S2 bandwagon instead of wait for the iPhone 5 if this rumor is true. I already have an Factory unlocked iPhone 4 and will not be wasting my money buying a slightly improved iPhone 4.

  • DebTym

    I like that 2 new iPhones may be unveiled. But if they don’t come at the same time that will be disappointing. I’ll just switch to SG S2 or unless that “other” iPhone is “cheaper.”

  • My 3GS contract ended June 19th. I’ve been politely twiddling my thumbs for over a year waiting for the iPhone 5. If they delayed it until 2012 I may consider jumping the Apple ship altogether. My phone officially bit the dust a few weeks ago and I borrowed an old iPhone 2 to tide me over til the iPhone 5, but I can’t handle it much longer. Its just too old & clunky.

  • DeltaJB

    Wouldn’t ever ever even consider buying a revamped iPhone 4, if iPhone 5 ain’t out by christmas it’ll be the s2 I’ll be getting my family. I’m sure apple will lose a massive Market share if the can’t get the iPhone 5 out before December!

  • afra33

    I call BS on this story!

    1. Nobody is allowed to talk in Cuppertino, so all these infos are just rumors. (Just look at those ex-Samsung informats being charged, nobody wants to lose their job with Apple just to please a few analysts and bloggers)

    2. The likelihood that we will see two handsets being released by Apple is no new news. Apple has always had two models at two dif. price points for sale! iPhone 4 + iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3GS + iPhone 3G..
    The only difference will be that probably the iPhone 4s will be much cheaper and they had to fix that antenna hence the redesign, my guess on price is around $399 off contract, while the iPhone 5 will be at the same price point around $599 off contract.

    3. When they come out they will come out together or not at all.

  • Aimée

    My 3GS contract expired in April of this year, and I am also getting very frustrated. Do I buy a full priced 4 now, or keep up with the waiting game? The secrecy and no date whatsoever is getting quite ridiculous. It’s a phone, not a matter of national security.

    • Adamf711

      You could take your own logic to heart…it’s a just a phone when it comes down to things. Just wait a bit longer, take these rumors with a grain of salt, and soon you’ll have what will be an awesome iPhone 5.

      • Aimée

        Thanks, Adam. You are definitely right. Now that I have had a cup of tea, I am seeing things much better! LOL!

      • Ryan

        Problem is, I’ve been able to update my phone since February with a new contract, yet, it now looks like I may have to wait even LONGER NOW? Nope, I’m going to jump ship if there is no invite info by October 6th. That’s it, I’m done.


    If this news is true, then I think apple has had a lot of time to come up with a iphone 5 i mean come on guys after the production of iphone 4 started thats when you start thinking of the nex phone right? if the iphone 5 is out 2012 JAN-FEB thats nearly 2 years without a new phone???????????????????????
    if its out in 2012 then i will wait for it but i know alot of guys who will be getting a Samsung Galaxy NOTE. IPHONE 5 BETTER NE BETTER THAN THIS :):):)
    O btw if you guys do not know Galaxy note has,
    1080p@30fps camera @ 8MP
    Dual-core 1.4GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor
    Mali-400MP GPU, Exynos chipset
    5.3 inches screen……

    • DomPerignon

      I just bought a Galaxy S2 for my wife and it is an AWESOME phone, as good as an iPhone 4 and I like it better than the HTC.

      • BLTKOR

        Well my wife has got a iphone 4 and that is AWESOME. it is also better than HTC.

      • Scaredy Shroom

        Well why would you buy your wife an iPhone 4 when its been out almost 2 years? Bad move.

      • BLTKOR

        JESUS i never said buy did i Scaredy Shroom i said she has got one,,,,,,,,,,,
        i was just replying to DOM who said he bought a galaxy s2 for HIS wife.
        are we clear?

      • BLTKOR

        i was not trying to be pissy btw 🙂 🙂 😉

      • goofygreek

        Sheesh, people need to learn how to read.. @ Scaredy Shroom.

      • Scaredy Shroom

        O sorry I didn’t see that you were responding to the other guy who bought his wife an SGS.

        Don’t hurt scaredy shroom! 🙁

  • tjELITE

    My opinion…one model iPhone…called the iPhone 4s…upgraded slightly to handle the new iOS better…if you believe they will release 2 different ones your stupid…

    Who knows though maybe since Steve retired maybe Cook will try to push the envelope…

    • Justin

      What people don’t get is that Cook has been running the show for quite some time now. Just because Steve left doesn’t mean Apple is a different company. They are going to be doing the same things they have been doing.

  • Acolz

    I think this is just rumors. So calm down everyone

  • Purplemaize

    I know about the pear shaped iphone it looks like my diabetec meter.

    • Anon


    • Biggest Fanboy Ever

      not laughing at ur diabetic issue but the pear thing cracked me up bro. it’s like that developer game tht got banned from the app store but now on cydia, it had pear logo with a bite similar to apples one and this was on the game lol.


    Well i think this guys you alot 😉

  • goofygreek

    I may be getting the Galaxy S2 if the iphone 5 isnt released soon. Depending on which one is better, thats the one im going with.

  • albioni

    If i5 is not annaunced with in two weeks and has much better specs than sgs2, than i will jump with samsung and android all together. I just got an samsung infuse 4g just to try android out for one month att lets me return the phone within 1 month. I am liking android a lot and i mean its just as awsome and even cooler than ios. Sgs2 comes tomorrow on att and i am allready happy that i can go and by it. The only reason why i am holding is because i want to see if i5 will be a miracle device. But now i think are deferent times for appple to be playing the whole secrecy and waiting game. There are simply some realy cool android devices out there that everybody is buying and is so happy. Cant wait for the sgs2 tho. I like it so much that it will probably take my patience away to the point that i can not wait.anymore for apple phones anymore. I really really wish u guys had an android blog to. This site has been such a cool information place to come and read and learn. But most likley i will jump to sgs2 and android, and simply wont have anymore interest to visit here

    • Justin

      I would take your comment much more seriously if I could understand it through all of the spelling and grammatical errors, but I see what you are getting at I think. I don’t see the problem with all this what phone is better stuff. If you enjoy Android then get an Android phone, if you enjoy iOS then get an iPhone. Apple, isn’t going to suffer because they held off a few months on a new handset. There are always going to be loyal customers and ones that switch back and forth many times. I think Apple is going to be alright. Just my shot in the dark prediction here.

      • Scaredy Shroom

        It’s not a question of loyalty but rather necessity. My 3GS contract is almost up and I’m in the need of a new phone. An iPhone 4 just seems too Outdated at this point so Android is the only option. It’s not that I LIKE android and hate apple but it may be necessary for me and a LOT of other people if apple doesn’t act soon.

      • Justin

        Right, but what he was saying that he likes the GSII a lot and he wouldn’t switch back. I am saying then he should stick with the GSII. If he can’t wait for the iPhone 5 then he has a perfectly good phone, it’s a good device, don’t base your decision on whether or not Apple releases a phone in the next month.

  • mike72

    I’m an Apple fanboy and stood in line for an iPhone4 @ launch. I also have an SGSII and just got an HP Pre3. They both blow away the iPhone4. Apple *has* to launch a redesigned 5 this Fall – and I believe they’ll do it. I call BS on this rumor!

    • Justin

      Then unfortunately (or not) you are not an Apple fanboy. I’m sure there is not actual definition of Apple Fanboy but I would assume that Urban Dictionary would lean towards an Apple Fanboy being someone that buys and likes any and all Apple products regardless of if something is good or bad. You like Apple products very much, but not a fanboy…which isn’t a bad thing at all, just sayin.

  • Purplemaize

    If you want to another phone company go ahead. But I know Apple puts out the best products because their computers have been in my family since the begininng. My father will not get rid of his computers but we smash the harddrives in the old ones and put new ones in. This way even when we get to the inner part of the harddrive it is not readable of any information by the time done.

  • Purplemaize

    Before you speak about Steve Jobs, I suggest that you read a little more on your information. Because he did not leave the company, if you read the memos that Apple puts out on their RSS FEED you will learn a lot.


      what pear shaped iPhone? on the developer game?

      • BLTKOR

        yeah its called ipearphone gonna be out in 2013 have u not seen the screen shots yet??? man its great.

      • Cameron Carlyon

        @BLTKPR ROFL ;D

  • Polemicist

    iPhone 5 delay possibly due to need for new supplier of screens since Apple is suing their major supplier Samsung?

    Samsung Galaxy Note will still be my preference.