A few minutes ago, MuscleNerd tweeted the picture above, showing a name tag with his nickname instead of his real name. But the most interesting part of this tweet is not the name tag, it is that MuscleNerd was at Apple’s HQ in Cupertino.

What was he doing there? Simply paying them a courtesy visit, or having a serious talk about future employment?

At this point, no one but him can tell, and we’re certainly not trying to spread rumors. But with the recent hiring of jailbreak developer Peter Hajas and iOS hacker Comex, we thought it was interesting to note that MuscleNerd was indeed at Apple today.

Did the jailbreak killer strike again?

  • goofygreek

    Lol. Thats one way to stop jailbreaking. Just hire all the hackers and make them work for you instead of against you.

    • bhyubguihui

      The only they won’t be getting is geohot (haha Apple, you were too slow, Facebook got him first) and probably Saurik who has had a huge grudge against apple since the release of the iphone in 2007

      • Acolz

        Microsoft got him before Facebook

  • Jessica

    There goes another hacker down the drain! 

  • I agree with all you guys.!

  • babe

    maybe he just invited by comex for lunch?

  • Kstone

    To be really honest here ive really never seen muscle nerd do much of anything except claim that hes part of the hackers. On the other hand comex was a big loss for the jailbreak scene

    • soccerkrzy

      To be really honest, you don’t know anything.

    • Jeff

      You’re aware that MuscleNerd is more or less single-handedly responsible for the development of Redsn0w, BootNeuter and Ultrasn0w right? You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. MN is a key player in the jailbreaking scene.

  • T Cook

    He went there to get the new exploit from comex.

  • bp115

    Comex is an intern, not permanent employee.

  • James

    Maybe apple wants to just skip all the exploits and ship iOS 5 pre-jailbroken and needed his input. Let’s look at it with the glass have full alternative. LOL.

  • Roberto

    Hackers work hard to find jailbreak and all they get aside from self satisfaction and some donations is what all your bitching about late release? Come on, let’s get real people, Apple can just provide these hackers not only with money and knowledge but also a future career. I doubt anyone would turn down a chance from Apple

    • +1. We definitely gotta admit that they don’t make how much they are supposed to making jailbreaks.

  • anotherbrian

    He’s there because they have a nice weight room.

  • tc

    Indeed it has now become the strategy of Apple to hire the hackers…maybe now we’ll get all those goodies from a stock IPSW rather than having to jailbreak…but still I say long LIVE the jailbreak!

  • Me

    If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em?

  • Cameron Carlyon

    Where can I get on of those T-Sherts?

  • zEz

    I recon, hiring Peter is a good thing, so he can work on things that Apple never thought of having… Comex was a real loss… PDF exploit was a real treat for my iPad2… now hopefully MN will stay, i wan my Snow for Xmas!