We know. You’ve heard this already. In fact, it would be downright crazy for Apple to not hold an iPhone announcement in the next few weeks.

The difference this time around is that two Apple employees in Cupertino have told The New York Times that a “fairly different” iPhone 5 is “just weeks away” from launch. Now we’re getting somewhere…

We’re just weeks away from the announcement of the new Apple iPhone 5, according to an Apple employee who asked not to be named because he was not allowed to speak publicly for the company.”

A credible accessory maker for the iPhone temporarily published what it claimed to be iPhone 5 cases earlier today.

It’s unusual for a company like Case-Mate to pull such a stunt, and the fact that the case renders were quickly pulled hints at their authenticity.

The New York Times has been told by one of its sources inside Apple that the case leaks from earlier today were most likely legitimate:

“From descriptions I’ve heard of the new iPhone from Apple employees, the images seemed potentially authentic. But it seems that Case-Mate might be sneakily trying to take advantage of the excitement over the phone by posting and then unposting the images. These things rarely happen accidentally, especially when it comes to new Apple products.

Sneaky public relations tactics aside, an engineer familiar with the new iPhone said it would be fairly different from the iPhone 4 — including on the inside.”

The source goes on to say that the next iPhone will have a 8 megapixel camera, with either this model or the next sporting a new Qualcomm chip with NFC communications technology for mobile payments. The NFC tech is expected to work with users’ iTunes accounts for authentication and processing transactions.

Apple’s next event can’t come fast enough!

  • Karasu

    i’m starting to believe that everyone is growing tired of Apple’s secrecy…that’s good 🙂
    now i’m starting to believe the rumors!

    • Takean

      Amen. I’m sick of it. Lol. I’m actually starting to think I should just hold onto my 4 for another year so I can be off contract with at&t

      • DH249

        That’s not a bad idea. What does that have to do with Apple’s secrecy and your disgust with it?

  • Brandon

    What if case makers just lie to get publicity? That’s what I feel. Either way, cant wait to see what the next iPhone will be like :). Apple has done a good job at keeping it secret.

    • sOleFresh

      i agree.they’ve done a great job keeping this a secret.especially considering the fact that its been over a year since the iPhone 4..

    • Ken

      There is no secret.
      They just don’t have new model iphone. That’s all

      • rdtmhfd

        Yeah, besides the fact that they are 4 months late.

    • ghg

      well, they get more embarrassment than publicity when their cases come out to be wrong.

      BTW, why are the camera holes so big?

  • Scaredy Shroom

    I wonder if they will even have an iPhone 5 before 2012 now… maybe they just dont have it planned? idk 🙁

  • The with something to say

    I wonder doesn’t everyone at Apple including the engineers have an iphone 4. I myself stood in line for one of these magical phones. as good as the iphone 4 is ( compared to the 3GS and every other phone in existence) we all know that it could have been wayyyy better, no? i think yes (stupid antenna). so it begs the questions, are the engineers and everyone else at Apple, and around the world for that matter; just eager for the next best thing to come out of Apples fruity ass as soon as possible? i know i am! and stating that there will be an iphone 5 in the next few weeks is not even a BOLD statment anymore because the evedince is all around us. cant say im standing in line for it but im definitely getting my paws on one as soon as i can afford it. anyone want to buy an iphone 4?

  • Raul

    Apples Worldwide Developers Conference is well overdue!! Last year they had it on September 1st!

  • 3rdiguy

    Honestly I can’t wait for this to be over. I’m sure the 4s or 5 may be a spec bump but I’m eligible for early upgrade in December 2012 so I’m looking forward to the 6. I can stay with my 32GB iPhone 4 on Verizon til then

  • anotherbrian

    December 2012, that’s early? That’s a lifetime in smartphone time, you will have a dinosaur by then.

  • Scaredy Shroom

    I was actually considering getting the galaxy s 2 when it comes out from sheer frustration. Hell I almost bought the Atrix! However, one thing I learned from the iPhone is that since there is only one model per year, you don’t feel like you just bought a phone and it’s already outdated a few months later.

  • MrA

    ” with either this model or the next sporting a new Qualcomm chip with NFC communications ”

    Stupid rumor is stupid.

    Might as well say “iPhone will eventually have NFC capabilities!”