I’ve reviewed tons of DreamBoard themes over the last 6 months, and I’ve stumbled upon some really spectacular work.

Themes such as Asymmetric HD and AppleWeb HD set high bars for what to expect out of the DreamBoard framework.

As good as those themes are, nothing could prepare me for the meticulously detailed OS X Lion Ultimatum, which is far and away the best iPhone theme I’ve ever seen or used…

If you’ve ever wanted to run OS X on your iPhone, this is as close as you’ll ever get. The detail on this theme is second to none; obsessive, even.

Everything from the folders, to the menu bars work as expected. There’s even a subsidized Mission Control baked in for good measure.

To pull off this amazing feat, the developer orchestrated a collection of other tweaks to do things like hide the status bar, and add a custom lock screen. It’s possible that this could be a turnoff for some, but if you want the full effect of the theme, it’s a compromise I recommend making.

As of now, OS X Lion Ultimatum is still in the beta phase, but you can snatch up the pre-release version for $3.50. Check out the ModMyi forums for more details on how to get the theme for yourself.

If you’re interested in yet more DreamBoard themes, head over to our themes page for addition information.

What do you think? Impressed much?

  • Michael

    Looks good but with all Dreamboard themes, it’s a pure memory hog.

    • Frank


      • Christoper

        don’t even bother installing, slow down my iPhone4 ! can’t even run decent speed when playing game ! pissed ! 🙁

  • This really ROCKS!!!!!

    I may give it a shot with my iPod4 that I have. I don’t want to try out a Beta on my iPhone4 and have all kinds of headaches.

    What would be cool… And I currently don’t own an Apple Book or computer, but what would be cool is to be able to run all my iPhone & iPad apps on the Apple computer.

    Or, say, make the Airbook basically an iPad, but with the attached keyboard. Slim, light and just perfect!

    – Eric

  • I Wanna Try It!!!

  • ninjaCEO


    Although, OSX isn’t exactly optimized for the smalls screen on the iPhone4. I think I’ll stick with my stock iOS theme.

    • Alex

      can’t agree more, the graphic is good, but its just not suitable for small screen like an iphone. the buttons very hard to press !

  • James

    It’s the final!

    After I donated using the above modmyi link Tim sends a response with the paypal receipt that states:

    The final version of OS X Lion Ultimatum is here!
    Thanks for the donation and welcome to the OS X Lion Ultimatum theme!

    I followed the instructions step by step and the theme ROCKS!! It’s fun as hell! I installed it on my white iphone.


    • I got the paypal confirmation and have the theme indicated on my dreamboard, but i dont go thru the opening process displayed in the video and none of the features work except launchpad, settings and finder window. I read about needing other tweaks for it to function properly but where can I find them? My version says 3. Wrote SirTimothy but no response.

  • XepptizZ

    This would absolutely kick big momma’s ass on the iPad

  • XepptizZ

    And jeff, ‘best theme, literally ever’? So you believe there will never be a theme as good as this one? Even beyond the iphone 12?
    This calls for a bet 🙂

  • Technolust109

    ios compatiable? :/

  • Iphone

    Working on Os5 Beta 7 no issue

    • Rachel

      it doesn’t work on beta 7 ! and its memory hog !! 🙁 my iPhone very slooooowwww, uninstalled !

  • fartface

    I’m confused. Can someone explain why I would want to run OSX on my iPhone please?

  • iXanczy

    One word:



  • jimny

    1, Should I install Dreamboard first?

    2, Does it work with LockInfo?

    Thanks in advance!

    • 1. Yes, you must, because it’s a DreamBoard theme.
      2. Not sure, don’t use LockInfo. Doubt it, since it uses its own custom lock screen. But I’m sure there’s a way around that.

      • jimny

        Thanks Jeff, I try it!

  • Old Tom

    Wonder what this will look like on ip5 and ios5?

  • taufik

    will i be able to change the wallpaper?

  • rahul

    does it work on Ipad??

    • ViperX23

      no it doesn’t and dont bother buying this theme, os x is made for laptop, and not iPhone, the screen is not big enough to occupied all the features, just not worth the trouble 🙁

  • Levi Lais

    I paid the donation about 3 hours ago and haven’t recieved any download or anything…Am I missing something here? Did I just get hosed?

  • Marko

    Does this theme works on iPhone 3G????

  • Jeff

    Don’t pay for this. I paid 24 hours ago and STILL have not received the download link. Who releases a paid theme like this anyway…. if he wanted to charge money for it, he should have submitted it to a repo on Cydia instead of asking for donations.

    • Chuck

      it has been 2 days ! where is my theme ?!?!?!!?!? send it to my email or return the money !

  • Ethoss

    its crap

    • Andrea

      Agree ! 🙁 give my money back !

  • Radu

    I paid for it, too, a couple hours ago, and I’m still waiting for the download link. Maybe the demand is just too high..

  • Jorge

    Hi, This is probably scam. I made my donation 6 hours ago and wrote Tim, I have received no answer and now that I have think about it,why he did not just put a repo and pay over there? I suggest you to hold on before you donate

  • PauL

    Just wait the link, i got mine after more than 30 hours.

  • Menu bars on 3,5″ touch screens? You must be kidding …

    One of the major improvements iOS gave us was the lack of menu bars and start menus.

    While this certainly looks cool, it’s a major step backwards in terms of usability …

    • Ray

      OMG exactly what I thought !

  • alon

    for iPad this would be amazing! i hate iOS on iPad ….its not an iPhone!!!

  • McNerd

    Does anyone have a jail break for iOS 4.3.5???

    Thank you in advance!

  • ChaQanZ
    • Christoper

      wohoo !!! thanks !

  • Frank21

    The review is overrated ! button very hard to press, waste money ! 🙁 and very not user friendly

    • damon

      agree ! the reviewer need to also mention what people “might” think about the theme, not only personal opinions ! 🙁

  • terry

    why after i install it the mission control dont work like show on the demo video ? is that any error or any software tat i stil have to download ?