Lowe’s home improvement is in the process of deploying 42,000 iPhones to employees to serve as portable payment systems in its retail locations throughout the US, according to Bloomberg. The iPhones will be used by Lowe’s employees to help answer customer questions and handle transactions on the store floor.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Apple does the exact same thing with iPod touches in its retail stores. Has a retail trend begun?

Instead of having to checkout your paint and toilet seats at the register, a Lowe’s employee will be able to process the transaction in the aisles of the store itself with the iPhone. The smartphones will replace scanner guns, and they will also be used to check inventory. Pretty handy!

Lowe’s plans on rolling out these new ‘payment systems’ by assigning 25 iPhones per store, and the devices will be used with an online app called “MyLowe’s.” Employees will be able to view information like product manuals, warranties, paint formulas, and the Lowe’s database to assist customers.

Apple uses EasyPay to handle transactions, and Old Navy has also begun to use the software on iPhones in its stores. Are we approaching the end of the traditional cash register in retail? We certainly hope so!

[The Next Web]

  • anthonyappleguy

    That sounds pretty cool. No more waiting in line 😀

  • I hope so!

    I HATE those idiotic “Self-Checkouts” and I also HATE to wait in a line of people that seems to never move, because the Cashier is on their 3rd day of Training….

    How cool would it really be to just go get what you want, and have the Attendent that was helping you just scan it.

    And, since I own an iPhone, I can see a future development where through BT or WiFi my iPhone perhaps links with the store’s payment system and it pays for my item at the same time as well.

    Well, we’ll see. I’m sure the identity theft “SCUM BAGS” will ruin all these cool possible advancements for us however… Sadly.

  • Goofygreek

    This is pretty cool. Im looking into changing over the old aloha pos systems in a friends restaurant to the pos programs on iPhones and iPads. Apple is starting to take business away from a lot people.

  • Brooklynboy771

    this is pretty cool in old navy they also email your receipt to you

  • Casey

    What do they do about the tags setting off the security? I know they have them because they get set off every few minutes.

  • woojoo666

    i dont kno about u guys, but i find it hard sometimes to find an attendant. and now we have to walk around the store looking for one just to buy an item?

    • Nick

      This doesn’t replace the registers that are in place now. This will just give more opportunities then before to help get customers faster and more friendly service

  • Kikaida

    Are they iPhones or iPod Touchs?

    I don’t see any reason they would need iPhones unless they don’t want to install Wi-Fi in the stores.

    • Nick

      They are Iphones, these will also be the phones that when you call the store asking for a certian department, that will be used to talk to customers over the phone. And we have Wifi in more the stores.

  • Why not just check yourself out with your own MyLowes app.