So far, Apple has missed a huge opportunity for gaming on the Apple TV. Short of a jailbreak and third party firmware, it’s nearly impossible to do anything but stream and play back media on the set-top box.

The App Store is home to thousands of awesome games, and a new iOS app lets you play games on your Apple TV by turning your iDevice into NES-like controller…

Joypad is a developer SDK accompanied by a free app. Any developer can integrate the Joypad SDK in an App Store game. The Joypad app acts as the customizable controller, and supported games can wirelessly stream gameplay to an Apple TV from an iPhone or iPad.

Once a developer has added compatibility with the Joypad SDK, any iOS game can be wirelessly streamed to an Apple TV or Mac/PC. Hopefully Joypad will be quickly picked up by many of the prominent game developers. The Joypad team already has a list of compatible games on the project’s website.

We can’t wait to play Angry Birds on the big screen!

[The Next Web]

  • Will

    If you can’t wait then just get that Roku 2 device.. Lol

  • Dirk

    Looks amazing but I get the feeling Apple isn’t going to like this …

  • Michael

    Forget this, all I want is an official Apple controller to plug into the 30 pin connector and full AirPlay or HDMI support to my big tv on any device, then I can play any iOS game on the big screen. Using my iPhone to play on my iPad through my Apple TV, what a long winded process, just give us a universal controller for any iDevice.

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      controller to plug into the 30 pin connector…i have been asking for this since 2007 when i jailbroke my ipod and played NES…someone somewhere please do this. maybe apple will do this in 5 years and call it revolutionary.then i will spit in their faces

      • pn2bade

        This is why I got icontrolpad. It’s a controller that runs through bluetooth. It makes playing all of those old games a whole lot easier.

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        cool cool…let me check that out right now! thanks!

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        ahh yes i remember this…but 70bucks and then on top of that shipping charges? too much 🙁

    • Isaac

      there´s a jailbreak software that allows you to use the ipad and a wii controller to play NES & SNES games, you should try it

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        thanks isaac…i saw this on youtube before and considered buying it. only reason i hadn’t was the controller doesn’t look comfortable. but it does work and would make the games more enjoyable. hmmm….

  • Andrew

    With iOS 5 you will be able to mirror games off an iPad 2 anyway, developers just need to program the apps so the iPad becomes the controller when streaming, real racing 2 is a prime example of this and it’s implementation is stunning

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      virtual buttons will never be stunning

      • Andrew

        There are no virtual buttons for real racing, please think before you speak.

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        you were alluding to other games. think before you make other rethink if they were correct when they were correct haha. i win

      • Andrew

        The ‘stunning’ part of my comment was referring to the implementation on real racing. Furthermore not every game relies on virtual buttons, and you can add a joystick if you so wish, plus this isn’t a matter of comparing touchscreen mobile games to consoles.

        It’s not a contest, please don’t be immature

  • Cool! Will try… 🙂