Play App Store Games on the Apple TV with Joypad

So far, Apple has missed a huge opportunity for gaming on the Apple TV. Short of a jailbreak and third party firmware, it’s nearly impossible to do anything but stream and play back media on the set-top box.

The App Store is home to thousands of awesome games, and a new iOS app lets you play games on your Apple TV by turning your iDevice into NES-like controller…

Joypad is a developer SDK accompanied by a free app. Any developer can integrate the Joypad SDK in an App Store game. The Joypad app acts as the customizable controller, and supported games can wirelessly stream gameplay to an Apple TV from an iPhone or iPad.

Once a developer has added compatibility with the Joypad SDK, any iOS game can be wirelessly streamed to an Apple TV or Mac/PC. Hopefully Joypad will be quickly picked up by many of the prominent game developers. The Joypad team already has a list of compatible games on the project’s website.


We can’t wait to play Angry Birds on the big screen!

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