iOS 5 Beta 7 will expire on October 20, 2011. As usual, jailbreak hacker iH8Sn0w has dug deep into Apple’s latest beta build to determine when it will expire. iOS 5 Beta 6 is set to expire on September 29.

In case you didn’t know, Apple released iOS 5 Beta 7 to developers yesterday. 

iOS 5 Beta 7 can also be jailbroken with RedSn0w. It’s expected that Apple will hold it’s next event in late September or early October. We expect Apple to release the final GM build of iOS  soon, but don’t expect it for another few weeks. Apple releases a GM version of iOS when the software is in the final testing stages.

Make sure to let us know if you find anything interesting in iOS 5 Beta 7.

  • Michael

    I’ve seen a lot of people on various blogs complain about how many betas there have been but tbh i’d have expected to see a lot, certainly more than any other iOS version, purely because of how many new features have been added to iOS 5, there’s a lot more to test and perfect.

  • Michael Hernandy

    So it expires October 20th AND September 29th?

    • Saleh

      beta 6 is in september, beta 7 in october.
      please learn to read

      • Michael

        lol +1

  • Doylebl

    Can this be installed if you are not a developer like some of the previuos betas ?

  • Doylebl

    Can this version be installed if you are not a developer like some of the other beta versions ?

    • You shouldn’t ever install a beta unless you’re a developer and know what you’re doing, or know and understand the risks.

      and yes, you should have your device registered on a developer account. Do not rely on these 3rd party tools. Just ask a developer (ahem) and I’m sure for the right price they’ll add you.

      • Michael

        Get real, paying a shady dev to add you so he can make a few bucks back, fuck that and as for these 3rd party tools you refer to, custom packages and other ways to bypass the UDID activation are just as safe. Seriously though, what kind of dev does illegal adding of UDID’s, not a very good 1 that’s for sure .. I will agree with 1 point though, you shouldn’t install bveta’s unless you are a dev but that’s mainly because too many people have no clue what they are doing and always fuck something up, not to mention they are always buggy in some way, shape or form.

  • Ken

    So new iPhone will be release on October 27, 2011.

    • That’s not what it said at all. There could quite possibly be a beta 8 before the GM. It’s a lot easier now with over the air updates for apple to push a build out and get feedback instantly and get right to work on fixing stuff.

  • Doylebl

    I know with one of the other betas redsnow would allow a non developer to install it

  • jml

    although all the sites are predicting or ‘rumoring’ about the release of iPhone in October, i believe it will be release in november/december!! it is Sep. 1 today and Apple didn’t make any move yet, this determines that there won’t be any September event !! if the beta 7 goes out in October 20 so the GM should go out atleast in November !! I believe that iPhone 5 (4S) would be released after the iOS 5.. nowadays nobody can believe ‘rumours’