The infamous Gizmodo/iPhone 4 debacle grabbed all kinds of headlines last year. No one believed that a company as secretive as Apple could let an iPhone prototype device loose in the wild months before it was slated to be announced.

Believe it or not, it’s happened again. CNET is reporting that they have learned that another unreleased iPhone has been lost in a — wait for it — bar in San Francisco…

As most of you remember, the iPhone 4 that was lost in a bar last year was recovered by Brian Hogan. The youngster later went on to sell the device to Gizmodo for a reported $5,000. That doesn’t seem to be the case this time.

As CNET tells it, this year’s lost iPhone was taken from the bar of a Mexican restaurant and is believed to have been sold on Craigslist for $200. The device originally went missing in late July, and Apple security has been trying to hunt it down ever since.

After the phone went missing in San Francisco’s Cava 22, a self-describe “tequila lounge,” Apple was able to trace the device to a house in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. But after a thorough search of the home, the police came up empty.

It’s still unclear what version of iOS the device was running and what it looks like. So yeah, basically all the good stuff is unknown at the moment. But it’s still interesting that we are seeing a repeat of last year’s disaster, almost play for play.

Up until this point, Apple has been guarding its next smartphone extremely well. Even with all of the rumors, leaked components, and blurry spy shots, the tech world still seems unaware, for the most part, of what Apple has planned for this Fall.

CNET isn’t your typical “gadget blog,” and the publication has a long history of accurate sources inside Apple and around the industry. They’ve correctly predicted several Apple services, including iTunes Match. Here’s hoping that someone gets their hands on the device and takes some non-blurry photos.

  • Binary-Wave

    Oh wow.

    • +1

      LOL HaHaHaHaHaHa LOL…. ummmmm Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

      (maybe that is why we recently have seen a Job Posting for “Apple Device Test Engineer”)

      LOL HaHaHaHaHaHa LOL…. ummmmm Hahahahahaha!!!!!! Sorry, just can’t stop LOLing….. LOL!

      – Eric

  • What the fudge?

    This is clearly bull dooky

    • yeah like as if Apple needs any help generating hype, then again I guess every little bit helps

  • Dane

    July? Why haven’t we seen it and who would sell it for only $200? Apple really needs to announce the phone already. It better be a game changer. People have waited way too long and I have a few personal friends that just gave up and bought a different phone

  • Sassy

    I think if you are going to sell something like should be ONLY sold to a very good hacker who an completely crack it and let all the secrets out. Not a corporation.

    It’s the only way to have complete transparency against the corporate monopolies of information.
    Send it to WikiLeaks. I’m sure they have enough resources to dig into it.

  • dude

    Thought apple would’ve had GPS tracking on the phone? what gives… I’m gonna call this rumor a fake

    • iCrapped

      Lol, learn to read exactly what it said

  • Ken

    Yawn. This marketing ploy of hiding secrets and then having them “leaked” to the public is getting old. Rumours and teasing is sooo 2007.

    • Revvxz

      Agreed. +1

    • Right. Because Apple needs MORE promotion for the iPhone 5.

      • Jamie

        The iPhone 5 isn’t even going to be the big hit people think, i’d bet money it comes packed with nothing, feature wise, that isn’t already available in the Galaxy S II or other Android handsets. Considering how long it is since the iPhone 4 launched and how many Android devices get released the iPhone 5 would need to blow the S II out of the water in order to stand a chance, being that it will probabaly be the only Apple device for a year or more but I seriously do not see it happening.

        I see it being, at best, level with what is out at the mo and within a few months it will be outdated again and people will be waiting another year for a new Apple device to even catch up with the competition .. Aesthetics is really all the iPhone has going for it, technology wise and OS wise it’s no better than Android devices.

        I own an iPhone 4 btw, i’m not an Android fanboy nor am I disillusioned by the brand name that is Apple, i’m a realist who sees Apple losing ground in the smartphone war.

  • Steve

    send it to comex

    • Meh

      Why? He works at apple!

  • Steve

    Oh oh

  • Érico

    maybe it is just a samsung perfect copy lost in a bar.

  • Ken

    Maybe just prototype, the phone itself can’t use by carrier.

  • Vietnight

    Find My IPhone??? trace it?

  • Mark

    So Steve DID forget to fire that guy last year.

  • Bradley Kelly

    Might be fake but it does make your wonder if it’s not.

  • david

    apple you are such boof heads

    • crazyyyishhh

      “boof heads”, your a goof!