Good news for fans of Tux the penguin: soon you’ll be able to run the Linux operating system on your iDevice. A team of jailbreak developers has managed to run the open source Linux OS on Apple’s A4-powered devices.

Who needs Android when you have Linux, right?

BluerisEN tweeted the news with a picture of Linux running on an iPad.

The iPhone 4, first gen iPad, and 4th generation iPod touch will all be able to run this specific build of Linux. The iPad 2 will not be compatible, due to the fact that it runs on the A5 processor.

Hackers have been able to run doctored builds of Android on iDevices before, but the addition of Linux adds more possibilities to current Apple hardware that will become outdated in years to come. Installing Linux will require a jailbreak, however.

There hasn’t been an ETA set for the availability of this Linux build, but we’re hoping that it’s publicly available sooner than later.


  • Cameron MacGregor

    Should be good
    love to see what this distro will be like 😀

  • gr33n13m0n

    Very nice 🙂 I <3 Linux 🙂 it is gentoo?

  • Phosphorus

    If we can install Linux, is there a possibility of overclocks? It’s weird how Apple managed to stop people from overclocking past iOS 2.0

  • chingiz

    its actually posibble right now if you have linux on your computer you can download a file called xubuntu on linux and download usb drive from cydia to your idevice and mount the image with starup disk creayor on your idevice

    • Simon

      Yes, because that makes perfect sense

      • Acolz

        +1 LOL

    • I love Ubuntu!

      I run Ubuntu on 2 of my older “Windows” laptops – I wiped the Windows XP off of them and reloaded them with Ubuntu and have never looked back! I just wish I could be 100% Ubuntu.

      Hey, which brings to mind – any change of gettin’ iTunes (or equilivent) to load on Ubuntu??? I would love to run my iPhone and iPad2 off of my Ubuntu machine instead of Windows machine.

      Thanks for any helpful comments. 😀

      – Eric

  • David

    Sounds good as long as this Linux doesn’t encounter any broadcom driver issues. Oh ZING.

  • Pn2bade

    Well it would have to run tethered right? Since the bootrom exploit is tethered and it needs a bootrom exploit to run.

  • Meh

    Would it be dual boot? I wouldn’t be willing to give up iOS to run Linux. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t iOS Linux based anyways?

  • Jared

    Pn2babe is right, unless these guys discovered a bootrom exploit for A4 devices, this is going to be a tethered dual-boot which means I will not be using it.

  • Josh

    “Who needs Android when you have Linux, right?”

    ACTUALLY… Android IS BASED on a Linux kernel.

    • Sean

      Lmao , which means it’s not Linux . Why would u want something like it or rather based on linux, when u can run actual Linux on ios devices. Like he said who need android