Facebook has announced that it has an upcoming event planned for September 22. If you don’t remember, a while ago there was a way to try out the Facebook for iPad app with a little hacking.

Facebook hasn’t said much about what its upcoming event will be about, but all bets are on the official iPad app release. 

Having a Facebook app for the iPad has been a long time request of users. Hopefully Facebook will be able to deliver at its upcoming event.

We’ve also seen what the app is going to look like, and it’s pretty close to the final product. Facebook is just waiting for the right time to release it. If you are looking to get the app now, you can do so via a jailbreak tweak.

[The Wall Street Journal]

  • ya, but the important is the changes that they gonna from the leaked app

    u got info?

  • JC

    Not sure if it happens with anyone else, but the facebook app (using the jailbreak tweak) keeps crashing on me. The font also looks “off” as if it wasn’t in full definition. Not sure if this happens with anyone else…

    • Roberto

      same here. it crash so much that i have to use safari instead and not just facebook for ipad, facebook for iphone pretty much the same

      • it works fine with me

        Try reinstall, without opening it, change the device family.plist as usual

        Then install the tweak then respiring

  • Hoo!! very cool APP.

  • Michael

    lmao…. so basically the other what 20 million people who don’t know what jailbreaking is are gonnah get a chance to see the facebook for ipad app.

  • OneBigAssMistakeAmerica

    Facebook is for gay fags who have no life. I will never get a fucking account and that gay faggot can fuck off in Palo Alto.

    • Nicholas Johnson j

      Facebook has improved my social life dramatically:)

    • s

      Sounds like you could do with some practise at socialising. Lmao

  • rick

    I already use Google Plus

  • Jay

    Facebook f*cked up LMFAO! They didn’t release the iPad app today like everyone thought they were! I’m official done with facebook. It’s pathetic how long it’s taken them to release it and WE ALL KNOW IT EXISTS! Christ Facebook, just release it! Who cares who’s better, you or Apple. Instead of releasing this, they just told us about some bullsh*t announceents like timeline that no ones cares about. Twitter is gonna monopolize the industry!