For the past few months, we’ve been hearing rumors that Apple is going to release a 3rd tablet this Fall. It’s supposedly going to be a complimentary “Pro” model to the iPad 2, and include a higher resolution display with better cameras.

However, recent reports of manufacturing issues have pushed the iPad 3 back to early next year. CENS “confirms” the delay with its latest report. The Taiwanese news outlet claims that the iPad 3 production won’t start until October…

It seems like things are moving along smoothly for Apple’s upcoming tablet. After all, Apple has picked display suppliers, and now we are hearing that it’s ready to start small production runs in October.

The CENS article also echoes what we’ve been hearing about a budding Apple-Sharp partnership:

“Also, Japan’s Sharp, which has worked with Apple on a joint venture and set up a new production line specifically for the partner, is expected to squeeze Samsung out of Apple’s display panel supplier list by joining the iPad 3 supply chain.”

Can you imagine being in Samsung’s shoes right now? Apple’s winning court cases to block your devices from being sold around the world, and now it’s trying to cut you off as an iPad parts supplier? That’s not a small loss.

If you figure that the iPad displays cost at least $50 a piece, and Apple places orders for components in the millions, we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars in lost profit. It’ll be interesting to see how all of this affects Samsung’s bottom line.

Can it last much longer?


  • Ken

    Instead of worrying about samsung.
    You should worry about iPad display, nowaday sharp LED TV are not qualified.

    • Max

      Apple has the technology, Sharp only produces it.

    • Max

      Apple has the technology, Sharp only produces it, and they surely don’t let quality go for just cutting samsung out.

      • I agree with Max!

        The engineering and technology is provided by Apple to Sharp!

        Apple would not hand over manufacturing to an OEM who could not meet or exceed their specifications!

        This is HUGE!!! Goes to show that if you get too GREEDY (Samsung) you will get “bitch-slapped” for it!!! I’m glad Apple is telling Samsung to go F-themselves!!! Apple clearly gave them the screen technology as an OEM, and Samsung stole it to build their Galaxy Tablets!!!

        – Eric

  • The aquos quatron is the only one that comes close to samsung.

  • babelo

    Well best led now is Sony, samsung, vizio,lg, then lower it sharp, according cnet.
    Just produce unlike bleeding ipad2 or even watermarked tab10.1, with higher res than ipad2 will be sufficient.
    More resolution is require more power and more gpu strength to handle, beware mr.cook.
    Forget about your dull printer idea, never works.

    • Diogo

      Well, one of the Best(if not the Best) LCD is the Philips PFL9706 and it just won a EISA Award. Can you guess what Panel it has? A Sharp Panel.

      Philps has won for several years awards for it LCDs and if not all, most of them have a Sharp Panel.

  • BarakTheCat

    Are you kidding? That was from The Onion.

  • James Farrelly


    Guys please spend time learning before you start telling the world that Apple tell Sharp how to build screens. Sharp have engineered the best screens on the planet (google sharp electronics UV2A panel). Apple have not spent one dollar researching panel design. Apple buy what’s available such as panels, sensors etc. Google mems sensor – that’s the sensor Apple uses to detect rotation of the device. The patent for that is not owned by Apple. Apple buys whats on the market and makes very good devices. The graphics processor technology Apple uses was not engineered by Apple. I hope this post gives an insight. It’s about teamwork.