A while ago, we reported that purported iPhone 5 cases have gone on sale. Today, the same thing has happened.. again.

MacRumors found this out when case manufacturer True Supplier started selling iPhone 5 cases. The cases look very similar to the other “leaked” cases out there, giving another hint at the iPhone 5’s design…

The inside of the case is also very interesting (as seen above). It hints at the thin, tapered off edges, much like the 4th genertion iPod touch and the iPad 2. The camera hole on the case looks to be the same shape as the leaked parts we told you about earlier.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled alongside a cheaper iPhone model in late September or early October.

What do you think? Could this be a real iPhone 5 case?

  • Fras

    Looks horrible.I dont think the iPhone 5 is gonna change anything !!

  • Soto

    I’ll buy it if it is the iPhone 5 in a heartbeat.

  • Antish

    Is it larger,i mean for the screen ?

  • MALdito

    If the iphone 5 turns out to look too much like the ipod touch 4th gen then I’m just gonna get an iphone 4 :-\ .

  • Vineet Mehta

    Looks more like iPod Touch 4 case.. I don’t think this is iPhone 5 case.

  • Vineet Mehta

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    • Vineet Mehta

      ignore the 3rd word ‘this’

  • Good morning all….

    Well, talk about taking the wind out of the sail….

    My first reaction was that it looks almost exactly like my iPod Touch 4 – which I’m afraid to say, is too thin for my big hands, which is one reason I’ve absolutely loved the iPhone 4 design. Small, but easy to grip.

    Oh well, I’m content hanging on to my iPhone 4 until they release the 4G iPhone sometime next year – my money is still on Fall 2012 for a 4G iPhone – and by then I’ll be certainly ready to change my phone.

    – Eric

  • I am due for my upgrade, the iPhone 5 is what I am waiting to see before I decide what to do. I can only hope it’s a nice upgrade over the iPhone 4.

  • John Mahjikk

    Where’s the lock/mute switch opening? From the top picture it looks like it’s on the opposite sides of the volume buttons and next to the camera. That doesn’t make sense to me. Does it make sense to anyone else?

    • Juno

      It makes sense when you think about taking pictures with the volume button.

  • If that’s the new iPhone actually being displayed in the case
    Welcome back the old 3G look

    One fugly device

  • Mcsteven

    Nope. This is no way a iPhone 5 case. It’s an iPod case or a 3GS case. Stupid post.

  • Maverick

    Come on man don’t hate on people. This is supposed to be an informative web site.

  • BoardDWorld

    It’s deffinitely the i5 case you can see it taper being thicker at the top compared to the bottom. I think it’s cool they’re bringing back the aluminium chassis & the biggest common desire is a bigger screen although I have never been fussed. Patents point to the likelyhood of it being without a bezel with the screen running close to the edge too so it’s all cool stuff.

    I remember when I first saw the iphone 4 leaked images/videos how much I didnt like it, but it actually grew on me, then with all the new features & the wicked camera I had to have it. Now it looks like what I wanted/was waiting for is the i5. I skipped the cheap 3G/S models.

    I have a feeling this model is more in line with what steve wants after the i4 saga so it likely wont dissapoint.

  • MattaNZ

    wow its so radically different :/

    if it doesn’t have a bigger screen then the andriod war is near lost – size does matter