Rumors of an Apple branded television just won’t go away, with the latest claims being that Apple has partnered with LG in order to bring a 55″ TV to market. This rumor has now been debunked, with LG’s own CEO saying that Apple is not keen on jumping into the TV market, with OLED screens proving a stumbling block.

The Korea Times, amongst others, has also poured scorn on any suggestion that Apple may turn to OLED for its screens, claiming that the chances of such a switch are ‘very low’…

The Korea Times’ source suggests that prohibitive costs are causing Apple to refrain from the OLED technology, and again states that the LG-Apple OLED partnership is a complete fallacy.

“It’s true that Apple has keen interest in TV, allowing users to stream music, videos and TV shows via iTunes, though that needs some iPhone and iPad integration, however, Apple is still pessimistic about using OLED displays. Because Apple is worried over higher costs and technology-related issues linking to large-sized OLED displays, it is groundless that Apple has asked LG Display to supply its OLED screens for its upcoming televisions.”

But when will Apple switch to OLED? Not for three or four years, according to 9to5 Mac:

“As OLED yield rates improve and production prices drop, Apple will eventually switch its digital gear to OLED tech. However, this won’t happen until “three or four more years” as the company has no interest in pricing itself out of the market,”

Guess we’ll just have to make do with the Retina Display, then.

  • Jon Garrett


    No OLED
    No LTE
    No USB
    No HDMI
    No SD
    No Flash support
    No 1080p
    No 3D

    Everything iDont, Droid does.

    • You’re a tool

      No one likes droid fanboys

      • Jon Garrett

        I have an iPhone 4 AND I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    • Brandon

      I don’t want a USB port on my phone.
      How do you know there won’t be an LTR phone in September?
      Why would I want to connect my phone to a TV? I’m not a geeky show-off.
      OLED? What’s wrong with retina? Higher resolution than most android phones that I’ve seen.
      Flash? I have yet to come across a website that only displays video as flash.
      1080p? How do you know the upcoming phone won’t have it?
      3D? Well that’s just preference.

      See, I own an EVO, the first one. I chose not to get the 3D one because it wasn’t amusing to me.

      • Jon Garrett

        you dont want USB? yeah sure you dont. you dont want to be able to browse your phone like a hard drive and be able to drag and drop files at will. you’d rather jailbreak, void your warranty and render you OS unstable, laggy and full of bugs.

        I dont know if there wont be LTE in September, but Android users have had it for several months now. why do I want to sit around and hope, when I can have it now?

        why would you want to connect your phone to a TV? maybe you’re at your GF’s house and you want to watch a video. or maybe do a presentation. OR (best of all) PLAY GAMES ON YOUR TV WITH HDMI OUT AND USE AN XBOX CONTROLLER VIA YOUR PHONES USB PORT.

        Retina vs OLED….you cant be serious with that question. Higher Res is NOT the same as higher DPI and you’ve not seen an iPhone 4 vs Super Amoled Plus which blows the retina display clear out of water.

        Flash? what flash? the flash that has been the standard bearer for like the last 15 years or so? as for coming across a site that displays only flash…well, from your iDevice you would never know it.

        1080p? again with the “coming soon” I have it now on my Tab 10.1 Android devices have had this for several months already. why do I want to wait for the ipad 4 or the iphone 6 to get 1080p…..ADD to that, Android phones and tablets will have true 1080p displays !!! so keep your retina.

        3D, probably more gimmick than anything but how cool would it be to watch Tron 3D on a beautiful 10.1 inch screen in full 1080p on a 16:9 aspect ratio screen !!! sorry, 4:30 just dont cut it anymore.

        you have an EVO and youre questioning having USB, HDMI, ect ect? I have an iPhone 4 but Im not some fanboy whose too ignorant to not know a better device when I see one.

    • Shawn

      OLED? Retina looks good enough to me.
      LTE? ATT sure isn’t gonna have it anytime soon so I don’t care.
      USB? Why when you only need a 30 pin connector? I see no reason
      HDMI? Sure there is a connector for that.
      SD? I see no reason as I usually buy the biggest gig iPhone.
      Flash Support? Slow websites anyone?
      1080p? They have added since iPad 2 I believe.
      3D? People actually like 3D?

      • Jon Garrett

        retina looked good to me too until I saw the display on the Galaxy S II.

        you see no reason for USB? well, I like to plug my Tab 10.1 into my computer and have instant access to folders and files on my device. I like being able to plug in flash drives and even hard drives (as long as they are FAT32) I like the fact that I can plug in mice, xbox controllers and hundreds of other USB devices and my Tab 10.1 is able to communicate with them out of the box.

        HDMI, why spend the extra money and carry around extra baggage?

        SD? its hot swapable and there is NO limit on how much storage I can have. I dont max out at 64 GIG. having an SD card also enables me to share info and transfer files on the go.

        Flash? pointless argument since iDevices will never have it.
        1080p, NO, the iPad 2 support only 720p. honestly speaking theres not much a difference when viewing on a tablet….HOWEVER, when combined with a a 16:9 aspect ration screen vs your ipad 2’s 4:30 or using HDMI out to watch video on my 47″ TV and having the screen on my tablet fill up as opposed to a black bar on top and bottom…..well, Id rather have 1080p.

        3D, yeah people love 3D…Avatar, Tron, Transformers

  • sofakingstoked

    OLED – iPhone has the highest resolution screen to date at 640x960px (proven)
    LTE – No one cares, it’s coming anyway
    USB – No one cares, really, NO ONE CARES!
    HDMI – Done, but again, who cares.
    SD Card – That’s so 2005 guy!!! 32 gigs is plenty. People still use SD cards???
    Flash – Flash is on it’s way out anyway, never needed it, never will
    1080P – 720 iPhone video camera “stil”l beats any 1080P Android device
    3D – Super gay! WHO CARES!!!! Can you say gimmick????

    iPhone does, what Android has been trying to do for years, and still can’t cut it.

    Android still fails!

    • Jon Garrett

      high res vs pixel DPI, there’s a difference there. need proof., see the Galaxy S II vs Retina. NOBODY disputes the fact that the S II has a superior display to the i4.

      LTE, no one cares? apple fanboys said the same thing when the iPhone lacked 3G. now 4G is out you’re making the same lame excuse.

      USB, no one cares….just read my comments above.
      HDMI? read above
      SD cards? 32 gig is plenty? until you need 33.
      Flash, yawn. read above
      1080p again, read above. and the iphone camera is far from best. that title is undisputedly the sidekick !!! you really need to get your information from real tech sites and stay away from these fan sites that misinform you.
      3D? yes, so gay that it earned Avatar something like 2 Billion dollars.

      Android fails? if by fail you mean overtaking apple in just over 2 years? fail by now having 52% market share while apple barely made 29% fail by having dual core phones while youre still waiting, fail by having an OS that lets you use your phone the way YOU want to and not the way Stevie allows you?

      Android has failed so much that it has;

      caused apple to be unable to release an iPhone 5 this summer because it was behind the curb against current Android phones.

      caused apple to go back to the drawing board and prepare to release an iPad 3 when the iPad 2 is just over 4 months old.

      caused apple to adjust its business philosophy by making a “lower end iPhone” AND by releasing 2 iPhones in the same year (never been done before)

      caused apple to incorporate Android (and RIM) features into iOS 5 !!! ( 2011, year of the what?)

      caused apple to sell USED iPads !!! has apple ever sold USED equipment before ??!?!

      caused apple to file an endless array of frivolous lawsuits in order to slow the growth of Android

      caused apple to forge documents and fake evidence and attempt to pass this off as fact in a COURT OF LAW ?!?!?

      just so you know. I do have an iPhone 4 but I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and unlike most people here, I know from using both devices where they shine and where they fail.

      I dont ignore facts because Id rather be an ignorant brand-loyal fanboy.

      • IndiePhoenix

        Jon Garrett, you are talking bollocks. Of course a higher resolution in a smaller screen means higher DPI. 640 x 960 in 3.5″ vs. 480 x 800, 4.3″. And yes, I have looked up close at a Galaxy S II just for the purpose of comparing it to the Retina display and I can see the dots around curved shapes something I could not see on the Retina.

        And where did you get this thing about Apple postponing the iPhone 5 launch because of Android, it’s obvious they wouldn’t have wanted to launch a new iPhone just after 3 months since Verizon got their first iPhone.

        Really, you should check your facts!

  • BoardDWorld

    It seems like we have more Android fans on here the Apple fans. All these insignificant jabs. Fact is OLED is crap, retina is just awesome. Decided to view the Galaxy S II and I don’t know if it’s samsungs colour settings that are discrediting it but it’s just too dark. Admittedly it was cheap, but hay it felt/looked cheap…

    • Telejeesus

      Retina display is just name come up by Apple to their high res LCD-TFT display.(Made by LG) It needs more power than OLED(manufacturers use AMOLED or Super AMOLED) screens, coz It needs backlight. OLED don’t need that(battery last longer). Thats why OLED has better contrast among other things(And black is REALLY black). OLED is also thinner and flexible.
      I have iPhone 4 and i love the high res display. But it is still old technology, coz AMOLED is clearly better for phones.

      • BoardDWorld

        I’ll put it nice a simple, I look at the iPhone 4 and it is like a printed High Res Photo. I look at the Samsung S1 & S2 & it looks like shit.

      • ic0edx

        You guys need to understand that Apple only has two models out, an iPhone 4 and a 3GS. android on the other hand has more with 4 or 5 different carriers, but they still can’t accomplish what Apple has done, know one can.

    • BoardDWorld

      wow, every iPhone aye. Bulls Shit. You’re comparing sales from 30 new Androids in just the last quarter from many Manufacturers against a 2 iPhones that are more than a year old. Even the 3GS that’s more than 2 years old out sells any single Android by a large scale.

      Why? Because that entire list of Android lovers spec requirements mean nothing… Key word here is experience.

  • XepptizZ

    The future wireless mannnnn! Forget hdmi, sd, usb, 30 pinnnsss.

    Everything is gonna be like, in the air mannnnn. Copper is the past, radiation, thats where the money is.

    Time to stop going with the flow, of electricity! Ride the wave of radiation, to the future!

    • Jon Garrett

      of course, the time is now. future devices will speak to each other without any physical connection whatsoever.

  • petis

    Sorry guys, let me shout this: NO ANDROID PHONE HAS LTE SO FAR. The so called “4G Android” is just fast 3G which will be also in iphone5 for sure.

  • ic0edx

    Can anyone please tell me what wallpaper us used in the above picture.


  • ic0edx

    LTE – Only 25% of the US has this service
    USB – The iPhone in it’s self acts as a USB
    HDMI – Use AirPlay. Why connect to a TV
    SD Card- I lose them all the time. 32Gb is fine.
    Flash – Use your computer to play stupid flash games.
    1080P – the iPhone 4 till today has the best camera. People make wedding videos with them.
    3D – The gayest thing that came out this year.

    • Telejeesus

      What world you live in? iPhone 4 has best phone camera when pigs fly. LOL 🙂
      I have iPhone 4 and sure the cam. is good. But not near as best. Even if ppl make wedding videous(even some short film etc..) does not mean it is best.
      BTW. Does iPhones camera have even any “brand” lens, like Nokia uses Carl Zeiss ??(I don’t know.)
      Go to some sites where they do “blind” cameraphone tests. iPhone 4 is NOT even NEAR #1.
      Nokia has the best cameras(coz that optic play big part there). And what I soo in one of those sites even some Androind devise got more votes(ppl vote pictures, 4 or 5 different and that site told witch pic was taken with what device after few weeks or so. They did not even tell witch phones where in that vote when you voted. That was REAL test IMHO)
      Here iPhone 4 vs. Nokia N8(there is new and better models out already.N8 start to sell ~year ago, so it is ‘good’ comparison)
      There are many other Nokia phones that have better camera. But I have to say that iPhone 4 takes ALL out of its 5Mpix camera. And have good pics if you have light. 🙂

      LTE… There is life outside US 😀 lol . But I can use LTE next year..So not so much nessesary for me. 3G could be faster tho 🙁 (3G upload is quite fine in iP4)

      PS. Can I use USB memory stick with iP4(JB)+iFile or some other filemanager if I have the adapter(30pin to USB) ??? If I remember right it is possible with JB iPad/iPhone 4.(Would be nice to pack more videous on the go 🙂 )(And that 30pin to HDMI should work also with iP4. Video out only If I remember right. That combo would be nice when traveling)
      And I don’t have Apple TV so AirPlay is out of question(and I dont want to stream anything from phone at home)

      P.P.S Does Apple TV2 even play 1080p(.mkv/.m2ts/.ts etc..(h264/263/VC1/MPEG1/2/x264/XviD/DivX etc.. in 1080p/24p,29,9xxp) or is it just streaming “box” and player for stuff from iTunes?
      What CPU it has ???

  • XepptizZ

    Personally i like my things to be 3d, 2d is just so yesterdimension.