No OLED Devices From Apple For Another “Three to Four Years”

Rumors of an Apple branded television just won’t go away, with the latest claims being that Apple has partnered with LG in order to bring a 55″ TV to market. This rumor has now been debunked, with LG’s own CEO saying that Apple is not keen on jumping into the TV market, with OLED screens proving a stumbling block.

The Korea Times, amongst others, has also poured scorn on any suggestion that Apple may turn to OLED for its screens, claiming that the chances of such a switch are ‘very low’…

The Korea Times’ source suggests that prohibitive costs are causing Apple to refrain from the OLED technology, and again states that the LG-Apple OLED partnership is a complete fallacy.

“It’s true that Apple has keen interest in TV, allowing users to stream music, videos and TV shows via iTunes, though that needs some iPhone and iPad integration, however, Apple is still pessimistic about using OLED displays. Because Apple is worried over higher costs and technology-related issues linking to large-sized OLED displays, it is groundless that Apple has asked LG Display to supply its OLED screens for its upcoming televisions.”

But when will Apple switch to OLED? Not for three or four years, according to 9to5 Mac:

“As OLED yield rates improve and production prices drop, Apple will eventually switch its digital gear to OLED tech. However, this won’t happen until “three or four more years” as the company has no interest in pricing itself out of the market,”

Guess we’ll just have to make do with the Retina Display, then.